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Insights and Strategies for Sustainable Caregiving with Theresa Wilbanks

Updated: May 26

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Insights and Strategies for Sustainable Caregiving with Theresa Wilbanks, Founder of Sustainable Caregiving, Author, Speaker & Podcast Host

Ever felt like you're adrift in the overwhelming rapids of caregiving? My guest today is Theresa Wilbanks, a beacon of hope and wisdom for those caring for a loved one.

Theresa is an accomplished author, a passionate speaker, and the compassionate host of the Self-Caregiving Strategies Podcast. She founded Sustainable Caregiving after experiencing firsthand the turbulent emotions of looking after her father until his final days at 99. During that intense period, Theresa found herself wading into caregiving, initially from a distance. Struck by the weight of emotions, from the tranquil moments of calm to the overwhelming challenges, Theresa likens the caregiving journey to being on a raft navigating through a river's unpredictable turns.

Through Teresa's story, she shares how she turned adversity into a roadmap for others. Her book, "Navigating the Caregiver River: A Journey to Sustainable Caregiving," not only captures her story but also outlines her innovative Sustainable Caregiving Strategies. These strategies resonate deeply with many caregivers, especially those feeling adrift, overwhelmed, or on the verge of burnout. They encompass both the emotional storms one undergoes, as well as offer practical advice, derived from Theresa's own experiences and reflections.

Today, we'll explore the depths of the emotional impact of caregiving, understand the essence of "sustainable caregiving," and get a glimpse into Theresa's game-changing strategies. We'll also discuss the significance of self-care, talk about insights from her book and much more. So, whether you're a caregiver feeling the weight of responsibility, someone who's witnessed the caregiver's journey, or simply curious about the landscape of caregiving, today's discussion promises a wealth of insights and inspiration.

Thank you, Theresa, for sharing with us all that you have learned and encouraging us to be sustainable in our caregiving.

Listen to our episode HERE.

Theresa shares about:

  • Understanding the emotional journey of caregiving and highlighting the need for caregivers to acknowledge and manage the complex emotions they face.

  • Methods and practices that make caregiving manageable over the long term, preventing burnout and maintaining the well-being of both the caregiver and the care recipient.

  • How practical advice and strategies to help caregivers navigate their journey more effectively.

  • How caregivers must take care of their own health and well-being to be effective in their role.

  • Insights from "Navigating the Caregiver River" book

  • Her experiences and insights to offer support and inspiration to those who feel overwhelmed by the challenges of caregiving.

About Theresa Wilbanks

Theresa Wilbanks is an author, speaker, podcast host, and founder of Sustainable Caregiving. Theresa cared for her father until his passing at 99 years of age. During that time, she experienced the raging river of emotions that comes with caring for a family member. Overwhelmed and drowning, she navigated toward a more sustainable caregiving experience. In presentations, workshops, and one-on-one Sustainable Caregiving Coaching sessions, Theresa empowers family caregivers to confidently navigate their caregiving journey.


Theresa shares her story and strategies in her book, Navigating the Caregiver River: A Journey to Sustainable Caregiving, available on Amazon, and explores the 12 Sustainable Caregiving Strategies in the limited series Self-Caregiving Strategies Podcast. Connect with Theresa at


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