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Immersive Connections & Conversations

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Immersive Connections & Conversations with Susan Black, Founder of Wowzitude

When Susan's mom, like many elders, endured many months of isolation in her assisted living apartment, she had one request for her daughter, "Can you bring the world to me?" As a lifelong traveler, she missed getting out and seeing the world.

Susan's response was, “We should never ever have to stop exploring or revisiting places that we have dreamed about or that we love just because of our current circumstances."

This inspired Susan "to develop Wowzitude: a remote, community-based travel club, live-streaming interactive travel programs and tours, designed to encourage conversations, meet locals around the world, and explore or revisit destinations together."

As a lifelong travel lover, thank you Susan for sharing the world with us. Looking forward to seeing you grow and I'll be there looking for my next trip!

Susan shares about:

  • The creation of live-streamed, 2-way global tours, zoomed into senior communities and older adults' homes.

  • The unique benefits that travel brings.

  • The many destinations, programs and “travel chats” that Wowzitude covers. Susan shares how they are growing.

  • The many ways they provide immersive and dignified travel experiences for older adults.

  • The social benefits Wowzitude offers

  • How families and caregivers can connect with their loved ones and have shared meaningful experiences.

About Wowzitude:

"Imagine spending your morning in Paris. Or in London. Or in Times Square!

Wowzitude's Travel Club, designed for armchair travelers, takes your community on LIVE, weekly, guided tours around the world, from the comfort and safety of their residences or community room.

Interactive, remote activities feature expert hosts who engage and entertain, by facilitating discussions and questions, and trained local guides eager to introduce communities to their favorite spots.

Seniors can experience 52+ global tours and "travel chats" with people who are part of their real-life circle. Tours are unscripted and unedited, so every experience is unique and exciting!

Wowzitude's tour and travel activities are perfect for senior living residences, 55+ communities, church and synagogue groups, and adult day centers - any group that helps older adults stay social and connected."

Susan is an accomplished C-suite executive and serial entrepreneur, providing senior management for global organizations. She is a creative thinker with a distinguished career successfully launching business and reinvigorating established travel brands. As a decades-long travel and tourism executive, she knows how to source and create amazing, engaging programs. Susan is a strategic planner with a proven track record of leading teams and managing strategy, research, marketing, business development, eCommerce, and distribution operations. Tapping into her 3,500+ network, she is widely known as a master in the art of relationship-building partnerships and stakeholder engagement. As a sought-after speaker and innovator, who has presented to thousands at in-person global industry conferences and via remote, interactive webinars, Susan knows how to bring excitement, entertainment, interaction, fun and connection to groups, organizations and communities.

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