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The Age of Tech: Empowering Older Adults & Caregivers in a Digital World

Updated: Apr 23

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The Age of Tech: Empowering Older Adults & Caregivers in a Digital World with Vida Roozen, COO of The Smarter Service

How does the rapid evolution of technology affects the lives of older adults? In a world where a new gadget appears every day, how do our seniors keep up, and why is it crucial that they do and have support?

My guest for this fascinating and vital topic is Vida Roozen, Chief Operating Officer at The Smarter Service. With over two decades of experience in consumer technology and a personal journey that has deepened her understanding of the tech challenges faced by aging adults, Vida brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the discussion. The Smarter Service, renowned for its personalized tech concierge services for older adults and senior living communities, stands at the forefront of this field, championing the cause of tech literacy and digital equity for older adults.

In today's episode, we talk all about the world of technology literacy among older adults. We explore the growing importance of tech in ensuring independence, connectivity, and a thriving lifestyle for seniors. It's not just about having the latest devices; it's about how these tools are integrated into their lives and the support available to make this integration seamless and empowering. We'll talk about the challenges in bridging the digital divide, the role of caregivers, and the crucial need for a shift in our approach to tech education for older adults.

Thank you, Vida, for bringing intentionality, care, and love to all you do! I LOVE any opportunity I get to talk and learn from you, my friend!

Listen to our episode HERE.

About Vida Roozen and The Smarter Service

Vida Roozen / COO, The Smarter Service

Vida Roozen is the Chief Operating Officer at The Smarter Service, a technology concierge provider for older adults and senior living communities.  With an impressive 23-year career in the consumer technology and home appliance sectors, Vida has established herself as a seasoned expert in the industry.  Before assuming her role at The Smarter Service, Vida held the position of Senior Vice President (SVP) at BDS Solutions, a prominent sales and marketing solutions provider. She also served as SVP at Creative Channel Services, a strategic retail marketing company, where she led Omnicom's Women's Leadership initiatives for California. Vida's decision to join The Smarter Service was deeply influenced by her personal experiences in providing support to aging parents facing technology challenges. Her keen insights into the unique needs of older adults have driven her mission not only to assist individuals but also to transform the tech industry's perception and understanding of this demographic.


About The Smarter Service

Your Trusted Tech Concierge for Older Adults.

Who We Are: The Smarter Service is your dedicated tech concierge, serving both individuals and senior living communities. We offer highly personalized tech concierge services that extend beyond mere troubleshooting. We take the time to understand each individual's unique needs, boosting their tech confidence and introducing them to tools that can significantly enhance their lives. Our commitment is to assist older adults in embracing technology's benefits through patient, confidence-building support at every step.

Our Mission: To eliminate tech insecurities and build confidence through learning and support. Our goal is to empower older adults and their families, enabling them to live happier, healthier, and safer lives in today's digital world.

For Individuals: We provide a comprehensive membership service tailored to older adults and their families. Our trusted tech concierges are available on-demand, offering in-person and virtual assistance to resolve everyday tech issues. But we don't stop there; we collaborate with our members to create personalized technology life plans, ensuring they maximize their technology's potential today and in the future.

For Senior Living Communities: In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, senior living communities face the increasing challenge of supporting their residents while alleviating staff burdens. The Smarter Service offers customized enterprise solutions specifically designed to revolutionize tech support within senior living communities. We deliver on-demand, on-site help desks, as well as virtual solutions for both residents and staff.

Join us as we bridge the digital divide and empower older adults to lead fulfilling lives in our tech-driven world.

from her early experiences with Alzheimer's research to her Fulbright studies in Nepal. We'll discuss the intricacies of caregiving across different cultures, talk about the philosophy of creative aging, and the role of arts and wellness in the lives of older adults.

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