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How to Overcome Caregiver Burnout

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How to Overcome Caregiver Burnout with Debbie Compton, Author & Founder of The Purple Vine

How do we distinguish between a certain amount of normal stress and caregiver burnout?

"I just can’t do this anymore" or "This is too much for me to handle"- Have you spoken these words before?

This week we are talking about caregiver burnout. My guest is Debbie Compton, she became a full-time caregiver for three parents with three different forms of dementia. After many years of leading teams nationwide, she has used her problem-solving skills to develop new ways to make life more manageable for caregivers. This conversation is full of humor, transparency, and compassion as we talk all about caregiver burnout, how to recognize these emotions, and what we can do to take action and move towards healing. Debbie shares how we can find support and community. Debbie is the founder of The Purple Vine. She is a caregiver, has authored several books, and is an active community educator for the Alzheimer’s Association. I'm so happy she is with us today and sharing her story of hope. Thank you, Debbie!

Debbie shares about:

  • How she became a caregiver to three parents and the lessons learned

  • What is caregiver burnout? And what causes it?

  • How do we distinguish between a certain amount of normal stress and burnout?

  • What are the symptoms of caregiver burnout

  • The difference between compassion fatigue and caregiver burnout

  • How we can be proactive to prevent caregiver burnout and move toward healing

  • When is it time for concern and to take action

  • Where we can find support

  • Affordable options for support and self-care services

  • Where can we learn more about the support and services provided by The Purple Vine

About Debbie Compton & The Purple Vine

Debbie went from traveling nationwide, teaching, problem-solving, and leading, a Management team, to becoming a full-time caregiver for three parents with different forms of dementia. Her mother-in-law had Alzheimer's, her father had Parkinson's Disease, and her mother developed Vascular Dementia.

Debbie used her problem-solving skills to develop new ways to make life more manageable while maintaining dignity for the memory-challenged brain.

She is honest and open. She believes it's okay to get knocked down, but it's not okay to stay there. Her faith in God helps her get through life's challenges. She has experienced sorrow, laughter, and unexpected blessings while walking the path of a Caregiver.

Her desire is to make life easier for others by sharing information, inspiration, and ideas that can be replicated in your home. Debbie authored "Caregiving: How to Hold On While Letting go" to help caregivers know what to expect and how to cope with it.

She was caught off guard, but she doesn't want you to be. Her many hours of research, professional interviews, and creativity are compiled in this entertaining, encouraging book. It's the perfect gift for caregivers.

Debbie authored several other books, gives interactive speeches, and has been an active Community Educator for the Alzheimer's Association since 2017.

Visit for helpful articles for caregivers as well as some free resources.

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