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Caregiving with Boundaries: Finding Yourself in the Story

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Caregiving with Boundaries: Finding Yourself in the Story with Robin Weeks, Founder of My Pivotal Point, Caring for Caregivers

Exhausted, burned out, and wondering how much longer she can sustain this role of caregiving, Robin Weeks, Founder of My Pivotal Point, knew she had to take action. Her own struggles inspired her to help others feel prepared.

Seeking a solution, she put boundaries in place and created a caregiving coaching method called My Pivotal Point, Caring for Caregivers. This holistic approach helps caregivers gain more confidence, energy, control, and wellness in their everyday lives. In this conversation, Robin and I discuss the importance of setting boundaries for ourselves, how to identify the boundaries we need, and how to have tough conversations without shying away from conflict. Robin's story offers valuable insights for anyone who is caring for an aging loved one. Thank you for joining us for this real and important conversation. Thank you, Robin, for your transparency and encouragement as we care for our loved ones.

Robin shares about:

  • Her path of caregiving and being inspired to develop The Care Colloquium with Kimberly Whiter

  • How experiencing caregiving burnout shaped her desire to truly help others feel prepared

  • The ways in which boundaries saved her in her caregiving

  • Tips to implement boundaries and the importance of having hard conversations and overcoming conflict

  • The complex emotions of caring for loved ones when we have complicated relationships

  • How we can work through our guilt in caregiving

  • How we recognize the gifts in caregiving

  • Ways we can successfully work with our care teams

  • The holistic approach to caregiving can be our saving grace

  • Where we can learn more and work with Robin in our caregiving

About Robin Weeks & My Pivotal Point

I have a background in business and experiential learning. I designed and delivered leadership

and team development trainings with Fortune 100 and 500 companies for over 12 years. I

started My Pivotal Point in 2010 to focus on working regionally with small to mid-size

businesses to help them develop strong managers and leaders for their growth. I do this

through coaching and leadership development trainings.

In 2020, after caring for my mother for over 6 years, I launched My Pivotal Point, Caring for

Caregivers. My Mission is to educate, inform and support caregivers so that they can effectively

provide care while maintaining their own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I work

with companies to educate management and caregivers and provide the support needed to

remain productive at work while caregiving.

I am a Certified Big Five for the Workplace Personality Consultant and Coach, certified in

conflict Resolution through the Roanoke, VA Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution, trained

Facilitator and a Certified Caregiving Consultant.

To work with Robin visit:

My Pivotal Point, LLC

“Supporting You at Every Turn”

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