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Aging with Finesse

Aging with Finesse with

Mary L. Flett, PhD

Today, Dr. Mary L. Flett challenges us to not only age better but also age well.

Aging with Finesse spurs us to look at new ideas and opportunities as we age- Dr. Mary Flett shares strategies, insights and wisdom from her many years of clinical practice working with aging adults.

Recently retired from private practice as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Mary Flett, continues providing service to many aging adults. Through years of conversations, observations and practice she created the Five Pillars of Aging which started out as a weekly lecture at an assisted living community and was given life through a weekly blog and now a series of books- Aging with Finesse, a compilation of three books that navigates valuing ourselves as we grow older, connecting with ourselves and others as we age and essential skills for growing older with grace. This series was specifically designed to dive deeper into strategies for aging better and aging well.

This conversation is thought-provoking and lighthearted- Dr. Mary exudes warmth and authenticity that had me extending our conversation and looking forward to many more. Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with us, Dr. Mary!

Dr. Mary Flett shares about:

  • How her influential relationship with her grandfather shaped her perspective on aging, caregiving, and her life's work

  • Her unique perspective on aging as a clinical psychologist and many years of practice

  • What is 'Aging with Finesse' ?

  • The skills needed to adapt and accommodate to the challenges of aging

  • We talk about the language around aging and societal assumptions

  • Locating reliable resources

  • Insights on policy and navigating the medical system

  • How do we re-enter life after Covid?

  • The call to all of us to not only age better, but age well

For more information visit @fivepillarsofaging. Books available on Amazon and your local bookstore.

Books cited:

Dr. Mary L. Flett recently retired from private practice as a clinical psychologist providing

services to aging adults. After 20-plus years in private practice, along with working as a

crisis-intervention specialist, research assistant, quality improvement specialist, and program

manager, in three different counties in California, she has turned her life’s work into Five Pillars

of Aging, helping all of us to age better and age well.

Dr. Mary completed her dissertation on Values and Aging in 1998 at the Institute of

Transpersonal Psychology (now Sophia University). She has subsequently written, “Mastering

the DSM-5” and been a featured speaker for PESI, Inc., on diagnosing and working with elders.

She has also taught psychology at the community college level, and in college and graduate

programs for students planning on becoming licensed counselors. Dr. Mary continues to offer

courses through older adult education programs, most recently with College of Marin, on

navigating longevity.

Dr. Mary has written a weekly blog for the Center for Aging and Values for the past four years.

A collection of these blogs has recently been published as a three-book series, “Aging with

Finesse”, available on Amazon and at your local bookstores.

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