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"The Ultimate Formula for Longevity and Remaining Youthful"

"The Ultimate Formula for Longevity and Remaining Youthful" with Dr. David Bernstein, MD.

Dr. David Bernstein is a highly respected physician who is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. He has 40 years of experience providing him with many opportunities to serve and empathize with thousands of adults as they age. Throughout this time in his career, he has learned and walked through many life journeys with the older adults that he served. This led him to continue his great work through writing and speaking about his observations. This is a dynamic conversation as we look at longevity, healthy aging and actionable steps to live a happy, healthy lifespan- or as Dr. Bernstein would say "a happy health-span".

Dr. David Bernstein shares about:

  • What is a geriatrician?

  • What he has learned from taking care of adults as they age

  • The Power of 5: Five attributes that lead to a happy, healthy, and longer life

  • The leading cause of illness and disability and what they have in common

  • How talking about sex drives important conversation around life and intimacy

  • What are the challenges that baby boomers and caregivers face with their aging parents and care recipients and how we can overcome them

Next week, we will be continuing our conversation with Melissa Bernstein, OT and Founder, President and CEO of the Dynamic companies. Melissa's work is the perfect complement to our episode today- we'll be continuing to learn how to live a happy, healthy life through food and her book the Power of 5 Test Kitchen Cookbook- Caregiver Edition.

David Bernstein, MD is a highly-respected physician who is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics practicing in Clearwater, Florida. His 40 years of experience have provided him with opportunities to observe and empathize with thousands of adults as they age. His insight and ability to monitor patient patterns and outcomes compelled him to share what he has learned with others.

Dr. Bernstein is a graduate of Albany Medical College. He has served as an associate clinical professor in the department of medicine at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, where he has taught the skills he has acquired over the years to first and second-year students.

His publications include:

Dr. Bernstein is an engaging and entertaining public speaker, addressing various medical topics with his colleagues and with the community at large with a focus on individuals and families facing the complex problems of aging and remaining healthy and youthful.

David Bernstein, MD lives in Oldsmar, Florida, with his wife Melissa and can be reached via email at:

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