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The Power of Virtual, Immersive Travel: Igniting the Senses and Sparking Conversation

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The Power of Virtual, Immersive Travel: Igniting the Senses and Sparking Conversation with Jason Wei & Tricia Norton, Founders of Discover Live

My guests today are Jason Wei and Trisha Norton, founders of Discover Live. They are pioneers and experts in live, virtual world travel. They have been virtually transporting people to amazing destinations and events around the world. They have worked with top Fortune 1000 companies, educators, senior living communities, as well as families of older adults and private customers in their homes.

Today, we will talk about the transformative power of virtual and immersive travel, how travel experiences shape and impact our lives, how traveling enhances our understanding of different cultures and people, and the benefits of exposing ourselves to new experiences. When we step outside of our comfort zone and try something new, that's where the magic can happen and why we want to engage in travel and new experiences. We will learn how the remote travel experience offered by Discover Live benefits people who may be limited in their ability to physically travel and their caregivers. We will discuss how we can use this as a connection tool with our loved ones, reminisce about past experiences, and forge future conversations. We will also look at how travel can bridge the gap between people, connecting us from various backgrounds and cultures. We will explore how we become more empathetic and compassionate towards others. Lastly, we will talk all about how Discover Live works, where we can travel in the world, and what that experience is like through their certified and licensed tour guides.

Thank you Jason and Tricia for sharing your love of immersive travel with all of us!

Listen to our episode HERE.

Jason and Tricia share about:

  • The transformative power of virtual and immersive travel

  • The impact of travel experiences on shaping our lives

  • Ways travel can enhance our understanding of different cultures and people

  • Benefits of exposing ourselves to new experiences

  • Magic of stepping outside out of our comfort zone and trying something new

  • Benefits of remote travel experiences for people with limited physical mobility and their caregivers

  • Using remote travel as a connection tool with loved ones and for reminiscing and future conversations

  • Bridging the gap between people from different backgrounds and cultures through travel

  • Developing empathy and compassion through travel

  • Exploring how Discover Live works and where we can travel in the world

  • Experience with certified and licensed tour guides with Discover Live

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About Discover Live

Discover Live is the pioneer and expert in live, virtual, world travel experiences. We partner within the longevity industry, Fortune 500 companies, and other leaders of industries, to create best-in-class experiences for lifelong learning, tourism, cultural immersion, or entertainment. Our quality standards, customization capabilities and customer service set the standards for premium virtual world exploration experiences. Since 2017, we have "virtually" transported tens of thousands of people to over 200 amazing places and events around the world.


Jason is an accomplished P&L leader with extensive expertise in strategy planning, business scaling, innovative product development, operations excellence, and multi-cultural team leadership. Have worked at Fortune 500’s, VC & PE-backed companies, and prior entrepreneurial endeavors. MBA in Marketing and International Management from Case Western Reserve University. Certified SCORE business mentor.

TRICIA NORTON – CO-FOUNDER & CMO Tricia is a successful sales & marketing executive who has managed full P&L's and built multiple, globally-known consumer brands. Expertise in brand building, E-com, product development, multi-channel distribution and digital marketing. Have worked at Fortune 500's to PE backed companies. EMBA from NYU Stern.

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