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The Audible Difference: Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Beyond with Dr. Rachel Allgor, Audiologist

Updated: May 26

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The Audible Difference: Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Beyond with Dr. Rachel Allgor, Audiologist

Have you thought about the intricate connection between hearing loss, dementia, and the various challenges that older adults face in their journey with audiology? Today, we have a special guest who is uniquely positioned to answer all these questions and more. Dr. Rachel Allgor, a Minnesota-based audiologist, started her venture, Journey Audiology and Hearing Care, with the mission to make quality audiology services more accessible. Whether at her Hastings, MN clinic or directly at a patient's home, Dr. Allgor is ensuring that every patient feels heard—literally and figuratively.

Having experienced hearing loss herself, she empathizes with her patients in ways few can. And it's not just about hearing care. Dr. Rachel, passionate about addressing tinnitus and sound sensitivity, established the Journey Tinnitus Relief Center, making waves in the field. An active member and current President of the Minnesota Academy of Audiology and a fresh addition to the Hastings chapter of the AAUW, Dr. Rachel Allgor's dedication to the field and her patients is evident in all she undertakes.

In today's episode, we'll delve deep into topics ranging from the crucial link between hearing loss and dementia to the importance of early intervention. Ever wondered about the real story behind tinnitus or the significance of regular ear exams? Or maybe you're interested in the recent advancements in hearing aid technology and its potential benefits in dementia prevention? We've got you covered.

And for all the caregivers and families out there, Dr. Allgor will share invaluable communication strategies to make your interactions smoother. We also talk about the importance of awareness, advocacy, and the powerful role of networking in the audiology realm. So, tune in, listen up, and let's embark on this informative journey together.

Listen to our episode HERE.

Rachel shares about:

  • Exploring the intricate link between auditory health and cognitive decline.

  • Discussing how early detection and treatment of hearing issues can have significant impacts.

  • Delving into recent technological innovations and their potential in preventing or managing dementia.

  • Unraveling the realities and challenges of these often-misunderstood conditions.

  • Sharing practical tips for improving interactions with those experiencing hearing loss.

  • Awareness, Advocacy, and Networking in Audiology: Emphasizing the role of these elements in advancing the field and supporting patients.

About Rachel Allgor

Dr. Rachel Allgor is an audiologist who lives and works in Minnesota. She recently started her company, Journey Audiology and Hearing Care in order to help more patients. With her new practice, she is able to both go into the homes of patients or see them in her Hastings, MN location, providing the same level of care in either environment. She has a hearing loss herself and wears a hearing aid, so she intimately understands the struggles that her patients are living with daily.

Dr. Rachel also has a specialty in tinnitus and sound sensitivity management and is very passionate about finding solutions that work in this population. She even formed a separate clinic, Journey Tinnitus Relief Center, to serve those patients best.

Dr. Rachel is active in the Minnesota Academy of Audiology and is currently the President after serving as a member-at-large since 2018. She is also a new member of the Hastings chapter of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) and is excited to do more within that organization. In her free time, Dr. Rachel enjoys spending time with her partner, going to the dog park with her miniature schnauzer, Roxie, and playing tennis.


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