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Redefining Successful Aging

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Redefining Successful Aging

with Catherine L. Owens, Owner of CLO Consulting & Author of Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified

As we age, where we live matters, but more importantly, we need to ask ourselves a question: What can I put in place that gives me independence, quality of life, dignity, wellness, and what allows me to do what I love?

As families and older adults, we face decisions, and at times need to contemplate our next move. The emotional struggles and stigmas around a potential move to a community or setting up more support at home weigh on our minds.

My guest today is Catherine Owens, Owner of CLO Consulting & Author of Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified, Senior Living Industry expert, and Aging Well authority.

In her book and in our conversation today, we look at making proactive and educated decisions, rather than making decisions in crisis, and understanding the difference between aging in place and putting in place tools to age well. Catherine urges us as families and older adults to have difficult but necessary conversations so we can understand the decision process and how it can benefit families and the senior living communities that they’re considering. We look at how we define independence and quality of life, changing the idea and redefining what successful aging looks like by putting in place what we need to continue aging well.

It’s important that we ask those important questions: What environment will support the quality of life that I want to have? I loved this conversation with Catherine as she’s bringing together the two worlds of senior living and aging in place. This is an important conversation as she calls us to be our own heroes, be proactive, and educate ourselves on all that’s available so we can have a life full of purpose, joy, and meaning. Thank you, Catherine!

Catherine shares about:

  • Her journey into senior living and working with older adults

  • The many emotions that come into play as we complete our "next" whether it be a move into senior living or bringing in more support at home

  • Looking at how we define independence, quality of life and dignity in our older years

  • Challenging us to redefine what successful aging looks like

  • What we can put in place to continue to age well

  • What contributes to longevity and overall wellness at every age

  • How we determine wellness and quality of life for each person

  • What environments best support aging well

  • Her new book, "Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified"

  • Where we can learn more and connect with Catherine

Learn more at

About Catherine Owens & CLO Consulting

Catherine L. Owens is a nationally recognized Senior Living Industry expert and Aging Well authority and the owner of CLO Consulting. Catherine is an internationally award-winning Author of the books Shine On You Crazy Diamond: Even When Your Crown Feels Heavy, What’s Next? Igniting Change and Impact in Health, Fitness, and Life now, and Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified.

For Catherine, the phrase Be Your Own Hero is not just the title of her book, Be Your Own Hero: Senior Living Decisions Simplified, it’s a mindset that has resonated with her since childhood, embodies who she is, and an approach she takes in all aspects of life. Catherine’s belief that everyone has the power and capability to Be Their Own Hero, is not only a common thread that can be seen and felt in her personal and professional life, but also what drives her motivation, passion, and desire to encourage, support, and empower others to find their own hero within.

Catherine is a recipient of the Tribute to Women and Industry (TWIN) Award which honors women who have excelled in their field and made significant contributions to their industry.

Catherine loves spending time with her family and enjoys kayaking, golfing, and photography.

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