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Make the Call

Make the Call with Jill Mahoney

We all need those bright spots in our day. We talk with Jill Mahoney, she has been visiting senior living facilities prior to Covid-19 and has now used her time to bring joy and fight loneliness by making phone calls and connecting to seniors in their home. We discuss how those calls bring joy to each of us, encouraging others to reach out and do the same. We talk about those reasons behind those calls, what we learn from them, how meaningful it is to families when the community reaches out, and the human desire to do something good in the world.

We are not medical professionals and are not providing any medical advice. If you have any medical questions, we recommend that you talk with a medical professional of your choice. willGather has taken care in selecting its speakers but the opinions of our speakers are theirs alone. Thank you for your continued interest in our podcasts.

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