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Leveraging Partnerships & Technology

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Leveraging Partnerships & Technology with Michael Mann, Managing Director of Tachyon Insights

Today I have the pleasure of diving into a few various topics with someone I respect. My guest is Michael Mann, Managing Director of Tachyon Insights. I always value his insights into what is happening in the world of caregiving. Along with his personal story, he is passionate about bringing tools and tech to older adults that are socially isolated.

Michael serves healthcare providers, homecare, payers, hospitals and digital health startups. He has his pulse on what is happening in the world of technology that supports family caregivers and older adults. We talk about the challenges that caregivers are facing right now and what the landscape of care looks like.

As a recent moderator at the HCT conference, he brings his insight into what businesses are coming together to provide leadership and address care concerns to support families. We look at the framework that is in place for socially minded businesses. We also talk about his perspective on big tech such as Amazon and Apple moving into the older adult care space and what the landscape of care looks like in the next few years.

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your story and educating us that we are not alone and our voice matters. Don't miss this conversation with Michael Mann.

Michael shares about:

  • His personal caregiving story

  • A look at the male perspective in the caregiving journey

  • The challenges that caregivers face

  • His insights from HCT (Health Care Tech Conference) into the care economy

  • What businesses are coming together to provide leadership and are socially conscious

  • His perspective on big tech such as Apple and Amazon in the older adult care space

  • How he is hopeful as we move to support caregivers

About Michael Mann

Michael is the Managing Director of Tachyon Insights, a boutique healthcare consulting firm:

strategy, market insights, market discovery, new markets, technology integration, growth, & operations.

We leverage our partnerships & technology for our clients projects to offer the highest value and ROI.

Areas of interest are SDOH, ESG, & Sustainable Business Initiatives. We serve healthcare & life sciences, providers, homecare, payers, hospitals, and digital health startups.

Michael is entrepreneurial and leverages his 31K + LinkedIn followers to build community.

He has just recently launched Planetary Health First Mars Next: a catalyst & community that accelerates discussions concerning SDoH, health equity, disparities, ESG and sustainability with a newsletter, talent collective, & soon a podcast.

Michael advises & mentors early-stage healthcare startups. He mentors at 757 Accelerate, and MedStartr Ventures.

Michael owned a care management company which supported Medicare/Medicaid dual eligibles and Humana where he oversaw initiatives that reduced hospital readmission by 32% over a 6 month period, and 44% for chronic care members. He also served as Chief Commercial Officer at Sagely, a wellness platform that empowers older adults and connects their families, 46,000 residents, 15,000 families, and 500 communities.

Michael holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University Milken Institute of Public Health. He has a wife, daughter and 2 dogs, loves to surf, hike, and workout, and is a caregiver to his 89-year-old dad.

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