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Leaving a Digital Legacy

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Leaving a Digital Legacy with Aproova Chintala and Sree Chintala, CEO & CTO of Clocr

We've planned who will inherit the house, and who will be the keeper of our most precious treasures but we often overlook another form of our personal property- our digital assets. Families are placed in situations where they need to navigate and collect a variety of digital property after a loved one passes.

This week my guests are Aproova Chintala and Sree Chintala. They are founders and the CEO and CTO of Clocr. Clocr is an all-in-one legacy planning platform. Creating this platform is very personal to these founders as they share the family story of how they found themselves in the midst of understanding the wishes of a grandparent and wanted to have a better way to manage digital property. This is a tremendous help for families and eliminates frustration and confusion. Thank you, Aproova and Sree, for sharing your family story and providing guidance for us as we plan for the future.

Aproova and Sree share about:

  • After a personal loss- Clocr was created. The story of how it came to be

  • Understanding digital assets

  • What types of assets are often overlooked

  • How do we pass along a digital legacy

  • Choosing the "right" digital executor

  • Storing and protecting our digital assets

  • Understanding the world of social media and protecting our accounts

  • The ways to protect and store our personal photos and videos

  • How Clocr ensures the security of our assets- security is a top priority

  • The ways in which Clocr supports older adults and senior care

About Apoorva Chintala & Sree Chintala

Apoorva Chintala, Co-Founder & CEO

As a co-founder of Clocr, our mission is to people with the peace of mind that their families and their digital assets will be protected. I am also a student at the University of Texas at Austin working towards degrees in Management Information Systems, Plan II Honors, and economics.

Sree Chintala, Co-Founder & CTO

Serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of award-winning career and an undying passion for innovation. Over 15 years of learning in launching several products led me to Clocr. We are on a mission to educate and help families do the right thing for their loved ones.

About Clocr

Clocr provides an all-in-one legacy planning platform with three product lines: an estate planning tool for digital assets, a digital vault to store and share information, and a time-vault feature. You can set up your estate plan for digital assets in just 3 clicks. We also offer a patent-pending digital vault to consolidate all your important documents and information and share them with your guardians. Our unique digital time capsule feature allows you to pass on your memories, messages, and values to your friends and family. We recently launched Emergency Services allows the first responder to connect with the person in need's emergency contact through a quick scan of QR Code. Clocr Social Media Will helps you to decide how your social identity should live on after you pass away. Other than this we also offer features like Free Will, Funeral Planning, and Medical Directives.

Key Features

  • Industry’s first all-in-one Legacy Planning platform for online accounts, cryptocurrency, and digital assets.

  • Legally (RUFADAA) compliant power-of-attorney for their online accounts and digital assets

  • Clocr will apply traditional Will, Probate & Fiduciary processes to crypto assets. Users can update the estate plan online to keep it current and relevant

  • Ability to designate the beneficiaries and configure wealth distribution, just like a traditional estate

  • No custody required. Business-as-usual in trading assets without having to worry about updating the legacy plan

  • Flexible, affordable, future-proof, consumer-friendly, and super secure

The Backstory

The idea for Clocr came to Apoorva Chintala, Co-founder & CEO, a few years ago shortly after the passing of her grandfather. After he died, there was confusion surrounding his beneficiaries and how his assets were to be distributed. Apoorva's father was thrust into the role of ‘executor’ and forced to try and determine what her grandfather’s wishes had been and how to disburse his assets. All of these new responsibilities for her father, while important and urgent, seemed trivial in comparison to their loss.

That’s when it hit her – “what would I do if I was the one who had to figure all of this out?” The answer was: “I just don’t know”. At that moment, Clocr was born. The primary aim of Clocr is to ease a family’s burden at their greatest time of need, when they are facing the greatest uncertainty of life – its ending. Apoorva firmly believes that technology empowers society to creatively and effectively solve age old problems, and this is why Clocr exists, to eliminate the stress and confusion after the loss of a loved one.

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