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Interactive Exercise Programs for Rehabilitation and Healthy Aging

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Interactive Exercise Programs for Rehabilitation and Healthy Aging with Mark Evin, Founder and CEO of Jintronix

How do we age well and improve our physicality and neuroplasticity? Studies show that being stimulated as a whole being, our minds and bodies have a better outcomes in wellness as we age.

Today, my guest is Mark Evin. He is the founder and CEO at Jintronix, a company that develops interactive exercise programs for rehabilitation and healthy aging. Mark shares with us the science of video games and the unique features they offer that can help with healthy aging. We talk about the research that is taking place correlating the benefits of video games and the mind-body connection. Jintronix is currently in hundreds of rehabilitation facilities around the world. Their newest program, LudoFit, combines strength, balance and video game software for adults that is fun and a convenient way to exercise. I’m thankful for the conversation around fall prevention, movement, coordination, and mobility. Thank you Mark for the great conversation and for encouraging us to age well.

Mark shares about:

  • What’s unique about video games that could help with healthy aging

  • What is holding people back when it comes to engaging in sustainable healthy habits like an exercise routine

  • The evolution of technology, motion sensing systems, and how new technology is supporting healthy aging

  • The changing demographics, evolving needs, and expectations of older adults interacting with technology

  • How Jintronix and LudoFit strength and balance video game supports older adults with an interactive exercise program

  • The evolving knowledge around software design for older adults

About Mark Evin & Jintronix

Mark Evin is the Founder and CEO at Jintronix, a company that develops interactive exercise programs for rehabilitation and healthy aging. Before Jintronix, Mark developed multimedia installations for museums and science centers, where his goal was to engage and inspire people using different kinds of technology. Jintronix’s flagship product is currently being used in over 300 rehabilitation facilities across the world. Their newest program, LudoFit, is a strength and balance video-game software for adults. This downloadable app for laptop and iPad combines evidence-based exercises, captivating outdoor landscapes, and enjoyable video-game experiences. It’s a fun and convenient way to exercise from home.

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