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Gratitude with Art Your Service

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

In Pursuit of Gratitude with Art Your Service

Art Your Service

In this episode, we talk with Jen Tindall, owner of Art Your Service, about what inspired her to create the Cultivating Gratitude program, what are the scientific benefits in practicing gratitude, those success stories, and how senior living facilities and family members can implement those programs.

Based in Whitby, Ontario Canada Jen Tindall is the owner of Art Your Service which creates and delivers meaningful activities and events for seniors. Her best-selling program in-a-box, Cultivating Gratitude, has been sold to hundreds of retirement and long term care homes across North America. She believes seniors haven’t “lived” interesting lives but are still living them. Art Your Service makes sure all their events are people-centred and age-appropriate so that every senior can continue to live their best lives.

Art Your Service offers daily virtual classes and socials for seniors.

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