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A Vision of Hope: The Magic of VR and Redefining Connection with Kyle Rand

Updated: May 26

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A Vision of Hope: The Magic of VR and Redefining Connection with Kyle Rand, CEO & Co-Founder of Rendever

How do we harness modern technology to truly touch lives, especially when addressing the silent epidemic of social isolation in our aging population?

Today, I am privileged to introduce to you my colleague and friend, Kyle Rand. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rendever, a visionary who took personal inspiration from his grandparents' experiences and turned it into a revolutionary solution.

Drawing from his extensive research at Duke University on neuroprosthetics and the intricate workings of the aging brain, Kyle founded Rendever, an award-winning virtual reality platform recognized by Forbes' 30 Under 30 and listed on Time's 100 Most Influential Companies.

This groundbreaking innovation isn’t just tech for tech's sake. It is a beacon of hope, reducing social isolation and bringing the vast expanse of the outside world to older adults, irrespective of their physical boundaries.

As we visit today, we talk about our time at CES and seeing AgeTech Collaborative from AARP and the momentum, recognition, and excitement we observed. We also uncover the heart and the science behind Rendever, the stories from senior living communities, family caregivers, and older adults, and the ripple effects that this platform is creating in reshaping the future of care. You don’t want to miss this conversation as we talk about the journey of our emotions and the intersection of technology, empathy, and human connection.

Kyle, I deeply admire your work, and I feel incredibly fortunate to count you as a friend. Thank you for weaving magic into our lives with Rendever. I'm thrilled about what the future holds and am celebrating this week's exciting new features and releases with you. Thank you!

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Listen to our episode HERE.

Kyle shares about:

  • His inspiration behind founding Rendever, stemming from his grandparents' experiences and his desire to address the growing issue of social isolation among the elderly.

  • The role of Rendever's virtual reality platform in bridging the gap between technology and empathy, offering older adults immersive experiences that connect them to the world beyond their physical confines.

  • Highlighting Rendever's impact and innovation in the tech and healthcare sectors.

  • Success stories from senior living communities and family caregivers, demonstrating the positive ripple effects of Rendever's technology on improving the quality of life and care for older adults.

  • The future of elder care and the importance of integrating technology, such as virtual reality, to foster human connection, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the emotional and social needs of the aging population.

About Kyle Rand & Rendever


Seeing the negative effects of social isolation take a toll on his own grandmother, Kyle Rand devoted his studies to cognitive decline in the aging population. He researched neuroprosthetics at Duke University, studying the link between functional structural changes in the brain that occur with age and the associated deficits in decision-making skills. Together, this propelled Rand to build Rendever - a virtual reality platform improving the aging process by eliminating social isolation, in part through bringing the outside world to older adults no matter their physical limitations. The award-winning platform is now used in senior living, hospice, and healthcare settings across North America, and Rand has been recognized across the world, including making the list for Forbes 30 Under 30.


Rendever is redefining the future of care, empowering the aging process to be more fun, more dynamic, and more socially rich. Founded on the mission to overcome social isolation among older adults through immersive technology and shared experiences, the Boston-based company has developed an ecosystem of virtual reality and web-based platforms to enable community-building among older adults and their caregivers. Rendever, RendeverLive®, and RendeverFit® are deployed throughout the care continuum, with high-profile senior living communities such as Revera, Benchmark, and Oakmont, hospitals, hospice centers, and healthcare systems, including UCHealth and Cleveland Clinic. In addition, caregivers at home can join Alcove on their personal headsets and subscribe to RendeverLive®. As an impact-driven organization, Rendever is leading clinical trials with research funded by the NIH and NIA. Rendever is a three-time Inc. 5000 honoree, two-time TIME Best Invention winner, and a TIME100 Most Influential Company.


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