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In Grief, Love Remains

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In Grief, Love Remains with Patti LaFleur, Care Partner, Influencer & Dementia Educator

Memories can bring us happiness but they can also be a constant reminder of the loss that we’ve experienced. Grief can change and evolve from moment to moment. No one can predict how we will experience grief and how others will respond.

My guest today is Patti LaFleur, she is a former care partner for her mom, Linda, who had mixed dementia.

Eventually, Linda came to live with Patti, and the two shared "love, fun, and joy" every day. She continues to honor her mom by sharing her story and changing the stigma around dementia.

Patti has a large following on social media and shows us how we can truly connect with our loved ones, hold space for grief, and share joyful moments along the way.

She continues her advocacy as a volunteer and community educator with the Alzheimers Association, Caring Across Generations, and other organizations that empower and encourage care partners.

Patti and I talk about what we wish others would understand about grief, how our relationships change and evolve as we grieve, how to navigate the holidays and special occasions, how to set good boundaries and let go of expectations of not only others but for ourselves. Thank you, Patti, for sharing all you've learned about love, loss, and compassion- I know your mom was your biggest cheerleader and she is smiling from above. Through it all, the love remains and you are spreading it everywhere. Thank you!

Patti shares about:

  • Why she chooses to share her story of caring for her mom

  • How she is changing the stigma around dementia

  • What she wishes others would understand about grief

  • How our relationships can change and evolve as we grieve

  • What not to say to someone grieving

  • The ways we can support others in their grief

  • Navigating the holidays and special events in grief

  • Honoring our boundaries and personal journey in grief

  • Her favorite times with her mom

About Patti LaFleur

Patti LaFleur is the former care partner for her Mom, Linda, who had mixed dementia. She cared for her Mom for three years. These two were the perfect duo. They shared fun, love and joy together every day. Linda and Patti even made a special trip to Disney before Linda passed in March.

Since Linda's passing, Patti has continued to advocate and raise awareness for the dementia and Alzheimer's community. She volunteers for the Alzheimer's association as a community educator and volunteers in the art class that her Mom attend. She shares her story actively on social media (misspatticake on instagram) and wants to change the stigma around dementia.

She is shining a light on dementia and is sharing her story along the way.

Please follow Patti @misspatticake on Instagram and @carepartnerpatti on TikTok.

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