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Harnessing Community for Health Resilience

Natalie Elliott Handy confessions of a reluctant caregiver

Harnessing Community for Health Resilience with Beverly Klau, Founder & CEO of Verbina

How do we make it easy for patients and caregivers to stay connected to the people who love them in meaningful ways? Joining us today is Beverly Klau, founder and CEO of Verbina App, a care tech app designed to support patients, caregivers, and those that love them.

In this conversation, we talk about the crucial role of community and examine the profound effects of battling isolation and loneliness on health and overall well-being. Verbina's mission centers on fortifying the resilience of individuals on their health journeys and tapping into the collective strength of community support.

Beverly is a true connector at heart. She brings her passion into the healthcare and caregiving journeys. We'll discuss how Beverly's personal experience in navigating a health journey inspired her to champion this cause of fostering community and bolstering resilience. She shares about the pivotal roles healthcare providers and community organizations play in tackling isolation and loneliness. She also shares the challenges and obstacles patients and caregivers may encounter when attempting to connect with others and how we overcome those.

Beverly offers advice for those aiming to build resilience and strengthen connections, and she highlights accessible resources. We'll also hear uplifting stories of individuals who've successfully leveraged the Verbina platform and delve into strategies for those hesitant about forging new connections via video.

By harnessing the transformative power of community, we can collectively overcome health challenges and foster resilience. Thank you, Beverly, for sharing your story with us!

Listen to our episode HERE.

Beverly shares about:

  • Beverly's personal experience with isolation and loneliness during a health journey

  • How this experience birthed the mission of Verbina

  • The adverse effects of isolation and loneliness on physical and emotional health

  • How community support can counteract these negative effects

  • Obstacles patients and caregivers face when seeking connection during health journeys

  • Inspiring examples of people utilizing Verbina to expand their support networks

  • Overcoming hesitations in leaving video messages

  • Encouraging deeper connections through the Verbina app

  • Importance of social connection for holistic health

  • The pivotal role of community in surmounting health challenges

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About Beverly Klau & Verbina

Bev Klau is an educator, facilitator, connector, and mom whose greatest passion is holding spaces for meaningful conversation. She spent over a decade teaching in classrooms, has led programs that invite parents and teenagers to connect at a deeper level, and has spent summers strengthening community at overnight camp. She’s also a community activist who has launched multiple programs to build community in her town.

Bev also knows first-hand what it means to be a caregiver. She cared for her father after he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2004 until his death in 2005. More recently, her daughter was diagnosed with a rare health condition that has required ongoing care and medical attention. She found that there were a lot of resources for organizing logistics and sharing information, but what she craved most was heartfelt support from her community. She couldn’t find an app that made it easy to gather this kind of support in private and secure ways, so she decided to create it. Verbina Verbina is a Caretech app focused on supporting patients, caregivers and the people who love them by making it easy to gather video messages of support. Verbina’s mission is to boost resilience and connection in individuals on health journeys by tapping into the collective power of their own community. There’s a growing body of research that shows that social connection is not just nice but necessary for physical, emotional, and mental health. Verbina makes it easy for patients and caregivers to stay connected to the people who love them in meaningful ways through asynchronous video conversations. Verbina is a HIPAA compliant platform that was selected by the Center of Humane Technology as one of six companies making tech more humane in 2022.

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