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Finding Our Purpose

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Finding Our Purpose with Vicki Thomas, Co-Founder of My Future Purpose

What does life look like during and after caregiving for a loved one? What does life look like after retirement? What is my purpose? One thing is certain- there is always change in our lives.

This can bring up many big questions- What is my purpose? How has this changed for me throughout the years? What questions can I ask myself to find my purpose? What does my support system look like? How do I overcome the various losses that life brings?

My guest this week is Vicki Thomas. Vicki is the co-founder of My Future Purpose, they are a multi-faceted membership organization committed to growing the purpose movement. They help individuals and professional organizations harness the power of purpose. Vicki has always pursued her passion and purpose in life and she is now helping others to develop their own. It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Vicki Thomas.

Vicki shares about:

  • Her story and the power of purpose in her life

  • What purpose brings to our lives

  • How purpose evolves throughout the years

  • What questions we can ask ourselves to discover purpose

  • Overcoming loss and life changes

  • The great shift from retirement to reinvention

  • How My Future Purpose supports others

About Vicki Thomas & My Future Purpose

Vicki Thomas won a $100,000 Purpose Prize in 2013 from Nearing retirement, she pursued her purpose using her expertise to help two veteran nonprofits get on the map by placing national and local media stories about veterans needing housing solutions.

Today many individuals are searching for purpose -- Vicki and colleague Joyce Cohen Cofounded My Future Purpose, a multi-faceted membership organization committed to the growing Purpose Movement.

My Future Purpose helps individuals, professionals and organizations harness the power of purpose by providing bi-weekly virtual workshop speakers featuring a powerful word like – reinvention, love, loss, relevance, connection, security to name a few. They host virtual retreats and collaborative initiatives to guide participants to discover their purpose.

My Future Purpose has categorized purpose into six elements – advocacy, volunteering, good from loss, entrepreneurship, work for a company whose purpose aligns with yours, hobby/special interest.

Vicki was an executive with American Broadcasting Television network in New York city. Prior to joining ABC, she was the Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Credit Union National Association the trade association for the nations credit unions.

Vicki produced, packaged, financed and marketed the Dancin' Grannies exercise videos and promoted the unknown group to national critical acclaim. She also produced the PBS shows including ‘Facing Retirement and ‘The Senior Olympics.’

Vicki has no desire to ever fully retire or sail off into the sunset.

My Future Purpose is a multi-faceted membership organization founded by Joyce Cohen and Vicki Thomas who are committed to growing the Purpose Movement. My Future Purpose helps individuals, professionals and organizations harness the power of purpose by providing weekly featured guests on its popular Pause for Purpose series and Meeting of the Minds, a facilitated gathering of My Future Purpose members which combines Timely Topics and Bring Your Own Idea (BYOI). The new format respects Zoom fatigue and provides time for idea exchange/collaboration. Members discuss current subjects while continuing to build a collaborative community.

Visit for more information and to connect with Vicki.

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