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Famileo: A Family Newspaper

Bridging the Digital Divide with Famileo

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas Letourneur and Amy Bryant. We talk about the story of Famileo, a family newspaper that brings families together- an app that was created for families to share their pictures and messages digitally and how Famileo shares and prints a personalized newspaper that is sent to your elder loved one, what life in France looks like right now for our seniors as they social distance, what are the trends with seniors engaging with technology, how Famileo fights loneliness, engages families, promotes intergenerational relationships, and supports senior living facilities. In a world that relies heavily on technology, reaching those that can not or do not want to engage with technology is vital- this is a lifeline for many elders and their families.

Famileo has launched in the United States after it’s widespread success in France and Europe as they are "Grandparents' Favourite Gift". For more information, visit

Thomas Letourneur is responsible for launching Famileo in the American market. He is in charge of International Development, International development projects in Serbia, Tunisia, China, Brazil, Scandinavia, etc. Thomas holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from a top-tier French Business School.

Amy Bryant is the Strategic Sales and Marketing Partner for Geriatric Healthcare Consultants. She is an award-winning sales and marketing leader with over two decades of experience in the senior housing and healthcare industries. Proven success in creating and executing sales and marketing plans to propel year over year growth and support revenue objectives. Experience developing brand awareness and building teams with a unified sales vision and strategy to exceed sales goals and increase market share. Amy has a masters degree in health law and policy from Seton Hall Law School and a bachelors degree in psychology with a concentration in gerontology from Drew University.

Photo Credit: Famileo

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