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Everyday Awakening: Healing & Resilience with Catherine Duncan

Natalie Elliott Handy confessions of a reluctant caregiver

Everyday Awakening: Healing & Resilience with Catherine Duncan with Catherine Duncan, MA, BCC, Board-Certified Chaplain, Integrative Spiritual Consultant & Author of Everyday Awakening

In a world where we often feel disconnected and overwhelmed, the quest for deeper meaning and spiritual awakening becomes ever more urgent. Today, my guest is Catherine Duncan, a board-certified chaplain, certified spiritual director, an expert in positive neuroplasticity, and a leading integrative spiritual consultant. She is also an author, holistic healer, inspirational speaker, and resilience trainer. Guided by her personal experiences as a childhood cancer survivor and a near-death experience, she brings a unique perspective on the interplay between emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

In this episode, we are honored to speak with Catherine, whose book, Everyday Awakening- Five Practices for Living Fully, Feeling Deeply, and Coming into Your Heart and Soul, has touched many lives and received endorsements from notable figures like Mel Robbins. With her book now in its second print run, she offers 42 exercises designed to help individuals awaken their heart and soul. Her work is not just about healing but about guiding others to unfold their true selves, helping them navigate life's transitions, and finding joy and peace amidst challenges. With credentials spanning theology, divinity, chaplaincy, and holistic healing practices, her approach is both heartfelt and deeply informed.

Join us as we explore insights she shares from her journey and expertise. We'll discuss what it means to awaken, how to practice presence in everyday life as caregivers, and ways to connect with something greater than ourselves. Whether you are a caregiver seeking solace and strength or someone on a quest for deeper understanding and purpose, today's conversation promises to encourage you.

Listen to our episode HERE.

About Catherine Duncan

CATHERINE DUNCAN, MA, BCC is an integrative spiritual consultant. She is passionate about whole-person healing. In her private practice, Learning To Live, she companions individuals who are struggling with chronic illness, life transitions, grief and loss, and those searching for more meaning and purpose. Catherine is also a consultant for Minnesota Personalized Medicine, an integrative medical practice in Minneapolis.

Catherine is a board-certified chaplain and certified spiritual director, certified in positive neuroplasticity with Rick Hanson, PhD; and a range of alternative healing modalities, including Reiki, Healing Touch, qigong, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/tapping, and sound healing.

As a public speaker, she frequently delivers talks on stress, resiliency, self-compassion, self-care, neuroplasticity, and awakening to organizations and companies in person and virtually. Her writing is featured on the website for the University of Minnesota’s Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing, the Institute for Well-Being in Law’s website, and in the textbook Integrative Medicine by David Rakel, MD.

Catherine has served as a spiritual-care provider with Fairview Home Care and Hospice, Hennepin Healthcare, and the Good Samaritan Society. An ordained minister with the United Church of Christ, she received her MA in theology and her spiritual direction certificate from St. Catherine University. She also holds a Master of Divinity equivalency from United Theological Seminary.

In addition to her deep professional background, Catherine teaches from her three personal awakening experiences, including a brush with death that opened her gifts as a mystic and intuitive. 

Catherine’s first book – Everyday Awakening – Five Practices for Living Fully, Feeling Deeply, and Coming into Your Heart and Soul was released July 11, 2023. For more information, go to

Today, we'll explore her latest book, "Honest Aging: An Insider’s Guide to the Second Half of Life," published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. The book is a candid look at what aging really involves—physically, psychologically, functionally, and emotionally—and how to adapt to these changes.

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