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Empowered Health: Making Confident Medical Decisions for Your Loved Ones

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Empowered Health: Making Confident Medical Decisions for Your Loved Ones with Dr. Brittany Lamb, Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician & Dementia Family Educator

We want to feel confident when we are making medical decisions for our loved ones. Today, my guest is Dr. Brittany Lamb, a board-certified emergency medicine physician, dementia family educator, and advocate. Working in the ER, she experiences many family members needing to make decisions for their loved ones aging and those living with dementia.

Dr. Lamb is here to bring caregivers a message of hope. She shares that there are solutions to tackle the overwhelm that families experience and provide a way to prevent burnout. As families, we want to know that we are honoring our loved one's wishes and taking into account what is important to them and their goals of care.

What I would have given to have Dr. Lamb's insight and information at my fingertips when we were caring for my Gigi Betty. The support would have been valuable. I'm so happy she is here and sharing her knowledge with all of us. Thank you, Dr. Lamb!

Dr. Lamb shares about:

  • How growing up managing healthcare decisions and her grandparent's influence brought her into practicing medicine

  • Trends she is seeing in the healthcare

  • Managing caregiver burnout

  • The common mistakes we can make when making medical decisions for our loved ones

  • The ways in which planning ahead prevents burnout and overwhelm

  • How the pillars of planning can support our care

  • All about medical decision planning

  • What documents we need in place to support our loved ones' healthcare decisions

  • How quality of life plays a role in our care

  • The many ways Dr. Brittany Lamb supports families and provides education

About Dr. Brittany Lamb

Dr. Brittany Lamb is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, dementia family educator and advocate.

In the ER she sees the overwhelm and stress people go through when having to make medical decisions unexpectedly. Family members choosing on behalf of their person living with dementia have even greater challenges.

Outside of the ER, Dr. Lamb supports and educates dementia family caregivers, on the importance of, and how to, plan for future medical decisions. Her goal is to deliver the information needed to make informed decisions into the hands of family caregivers through social media, a blog, and an online program.

Caregivers who work with her inside her online program “Make Your Plan with Dr. Lamb” create a medical decision plan unique to their person so they can choose confidently and have peace of mind.

Connect with Dr. Brittany Lamb:

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