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Easing the Caregiver Burden

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Easing the Caregiver Burden with Maxwell Cohen, Founder & CEO of Peel Away Labs

At times we overlook practical tools that make our life easier. They’re simple yet impactful. Families want simple tips to help ease their burden and fight caregiver burnout. I came across a lot of questions around incontinence and bedding in the different caregiver groups that I’m a part of- this piqued my interest in talking about incontinence and products that can make life a little bit easier. Lessening the caregiver load is something we all need as were caring for a loved one. Most people over 65 will have some obstacles when it comes to incontinence. In fact, in the year 2030, there will be roughly around 58 million caregivers. Most people want to age in their home and a common driver for a loved one moving into a senior living community is needing support with incontinence. Simple products can ease the caregivers' burden and offer opportunities to remain aging in the home.

Realizing how valuable a conversation and product around incontinence and bedding is led me to my conversation with Maxwell Cohen. He is the founder and CEO of Peel Away Labs, a new alternative to traditional bedding. Peel Aways Labs has an international presence and was named 2021 Caregiver Friendly Product of the Year by, Peelaways increases Dignity and Confidence when caring for a loved one. The idea for waterproof disposable sheets came to him when he was in college then grew when he came home for a visit with his Grandma. Her need for support and maintained dignity after surgery led Maxwell to expand his product and reach our older adult population.

Maxwell Cohen shares about:

  • Practical solutions that aid in promoting dignity

  • Experience being in a caregiver role gave him the empathy to want to see change

  • Incontinence and the many ways it impacts older adults and caregivers

  • The health implications that come from incontinence

  • Creative ways to find funding for incontinence products

  • How these simple tools can promote dignity and ease the caregiver burden

Maxwell Cohen is the founder, and CEO of Peel Away Labs, with a new alternative to traditional bedding. The idea for waterproof disposable sheets came to me in college when I noticed how many of my peers did not regularly wash their sheets. While at home, I saw my own grandparents struggle to change their sheets on a regular basis due to mobility constraints. I quickly realized how valuable and needed this product is in many markets, especially caregivers, from homecare to hospitals.

When designing the product, the goal was to create something incredibly comfortable, functional, and easy to use. The sheets are made of a special blend of Bamboo, Viscose and Polyester fibers combined with a breathable waterproof membrane that keeps you both cool and comfortable.

Here’s how it works:

1. Place the Peelaways with the branded Tag towards the head of the mattress

2. When soiled, or between 7-10 days, pull down the top corners and peel along the seams to reveal a fresh new sheet

3. Dispose of the used layer responsibly

Ease of use is essential for those with limited mobility wanting to regain a sense of control over their own care. However, the disposable fitted sheets are designed to be multi-purpose as well. Peelaways are a great solution for potty training, bedwetting, camping and can even double as a mattress protector. I sincerely hope that you find them helpful in your own life.

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