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Dementia Diagnosis, What Now?

A New Dementia Diagnosis, What Now? with P.K. Beville, Founder of Second Wind Dreams

Once you've received your loved one’s diagnosis- where do families begin to look for help and support?

There is an adjustment period needed to be present and understanding of the new diagnosis.

Today we talk about what are the dynamics of empathy, what does an empathic family member look like, and how can they be trained and supported for that.

I truly loved my conversation with P.K.- her openness, transparency and kind heart made this interview memorable for me. I know you'll enjoy it just as much.

P.K. Beville also shares with us:

  • How do we change the perception of aging?

  • What is Virtual Dementia Tour?

  • Receiving a loved one's diagnosis for the first time can feel really scary and overwhelming- where is a good place for families to start learning about dementia and finding support?

  • How can they set up a successful support system?

  • What is our society's perception is of aging and caring for a loved one with dementia is today?

P.K. Beville founded Second Wind Dreams®, an internationally-known nonprofit organization created to change the perception of aging through fulfilling elders’ dreams and offering educational programs to help caregivers understand the physical and mental challenges facing those with dementia. Established in 1997, Second Wind Dreams is the first organization to focus on granting dreams for elders living in long-term care in the United States.

Beville created the internationally-acclaimed Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT®). Experienced by three million people in 20 countries, the Virtual Dementia Tour® is a scientifically-proven training method designed to build sensitivity and awareness in individuals caring for those with dementia.

"Second Wind Dreams® award-winning Dreams Program sheds light on the positive aspects of aging. It is a powerful way to connect society to a forgotten truth about seniors: the truth that age does not erase hopes and dreams. Our program has fulfilled tens of thousands of dreams since our organization's inception in 1997. As each Dream comes true, we witness a ripple effect as the impact of the dream spreads from the elder to everyone who helped make it a reality.

The second way we change the perception of aging is by offering educational tools like our patented sensitivity training, the Virtual Dementia Tour. We want to educate and spread awareness about dementia to help caregivers and elder care professionals understand what elders are experiencing. We believe this can lead to better person-centered care."

Beville and the VDT have been featured on ABC News “Primetime” and Fox News Network, “The Doctors.” Beville donated the VDT to Second Wind Dreams to continue to fund the organization’s award-winning Dreams Program. Thousands of dreams have come true, thanks largely to these proceeds.

Beville is recognized as a subject expert with the following publications: Assisted Living Today, HomeCare magazine, McKnight’s Long Term Care, The Washington Post, and USA Today.

Most recently, Beville and Second Wind Dreams received CMP funding for the Virtual Dementia Tour in Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin and created programs to fit the growing need for person-centered care, including Dementia Aware Competency Evaluation®, Family VDT, Inclusive VDT and Hospital VDT.

Beville holds a B.S. Degree in Psychology from Georgetown College, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University and her PhD in gerontology.

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