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Connection Through Technology

Find Connection Through Learning Technology with Abbie Richie, Senior Savvy

I want to connect with Grandma on Zoom but she doesn’t know how to use it? How can I protect my data and passwords? Abbie Richie, founder of Senior Savvy, leads with kindness, simplicity, and helpful information when teaching older adults and their families technology. Senior Savvy offers zoom classes, workshops, and tech support for older adults, their families, and senior living communities. We talk about how we can fight loneliness, find connection, stay engaged, feel alive and vital through technology. What are our older adults main concerns as they stay up to date with what’s going on in the world of tech? We look at what care technology can be helpful for families and her recommendations on tech that caters to our older adults to set them up for success. Abbie’s story and her heart for giving our older adults the confidence to learn and try out their new skills is why I wanted her to speak with us today.

Resources mentioned in our episode:

Telikin computer:

Jitterbug Smart 2 by GreatCall

About Abbie & Senior Savvy:

Abbie Richie is an entrepreneur, mother of two school-aged children, wife of 16 years and devoted daughter. She is the founder of Senior Savvy, which provides Zoom workshops and technical support at senior living communities throughout the US. Senior Savvy is the marriage of two things Abbie loves - helping older people and technology.

After helping many friends parents and her in-laws, she realized there was a huge need for personable and patient tech support for older folks. In 2018, Abbie started Senior Savvy, though she will tell you that Senior Savvy started in her a long, long time ago.

Growing up in Los Angeles, she spent a lot of time with her grandparents. Nana and Papa fostered a deep respect and admiration through their commitment to her family and their community. After college in Boston, she moved to the SF Bay Area for grad school, right before the “dot com boom” and received an in-depth education on all things tech. Since then, she has continued to learn everything about technology while patiently teaching seniors the skills they need.

In April of 2020, her workshop students began requesting she transition to teaching on Zoom. The pivot allowed her to expand Senior Savvy tech support to senior communities around the US.

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