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CBD Explained with PureLee Farms

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

CBD Explained with Nancy Solie, Founder & CEO of PureLee Farms

CBD is a product that has grown in great popularity in recent years. We often hear from family caregivers that they want more information about CBD. There are many benefits of CBD for ourselves and the older adult in our lives but we have questions- what are those benefits? How is it helpful? And where do we start in learning more about CBD?

Today, we have the privilege of being able to speak with Nancy Solie, founder and CEO of PureLee Farms, a full spectrum, CBD pure farm that brings whole plant products to the consumer. They are crafted in small batches with fine ingredients. PureLee Farms implements extensive third-party testing and organic practices. When wanting to share with older adults and family caregivers about CBD- PureLee Farms is the first company I thought of. Their integrity, family story, and commitment to purity provides us with valuable products and information.

We talk all about:

  • What is CBD? What is the difference between CBD, hemp, and THC? Is it legal?

  • What are cannabinoids? What is the endocannabinoid system? How does CBD provide balance in our body?

  • Can older adults and family caregivers implement CBD to help with pain, anxiety, sundowning, and sleep? Has there been any research to substantiate these findings? And what has your experience been when working with older adults and CBD?

  • What are all of those benefits that CBD can offer?

  • What is the entourage effect?

  • Does it matter what time of day you take CBD? Do you take it every day? How much do you take? Would you recommend the dosage be lower or different for older adults? (All the questions!)

  • For those that haven’t brought CBD into their life- what’s a good place to start, what would you recommend?

  • What can families looks for when purchasing CBD, it’s there a benchmark of quality and how can they identify that? How can people distinguish between a fake product with low potency and a high-quality product?

  • We talk all things CBD!

Farm meets Medicine

"Our family has been planting roots in both farming and pharmacy for generations. The patriarch of our family was both a crop farmer and a director level pharmacist at one of the top medical institutions in the world.

At PureLee Farms, we have taken all we’ve learned in farming and pharmacy to specialize in the medicinal properties of hemp. We pride ourselves in transparency and brand authenticity

and are committed to bringing you premium products

from our family to yours with the belief that Pure is Kind.

Organic Land Rich in Conservation

Conservation is an important tennent and priority of our farm management. We are honored to have been recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for our sustainable and responsible farming practices. We were also awarded Conservation Landowner of the Year in our home state of Wisconsin. Our farm is located in The Driftless Region of WI which is a geologically significant area and we take our stewardship of the land to heart.

High quality CBD requires high quality hemp.

High quality hemp is our number one goal in our production of PureLee Farm’s premier CBD product portfolio. Our hemp is hand planted, hand harvested, and naturally hung to dry and cure. The hemp derived CBD oil is extracted in a GMP certified, organic certified, and biodynamic certified facility. Our CBD products are formulated in this same controlled facility resulting in SAFE and EFFECTIVE CBD products.

The Result — Our Farm, Our Process, Our Products.

From seed to shelf, we are bursting with pride. We know it because we grow it. PURELEE FARMS."

Nancy Solie is the founder and CEO of PureLee Farms. She utilizes hemp organically grown on her family’s multi-generational family farm to produce a portfolio of CBD products. Nancy’s four older brothers raise the hemp plants from seedlings through harvest ensuring careful attention is given to each plant to retain their medicinal purposes. Prior to founding PureLee Farms, Nancy was a Speech Pathologist in the medical field with an overall focus on supporting her patient’s health and wellbeing."

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We are not medical professionals and are not providing any medical advice. If you have any medical questions, we recommend that you talk with a medical professional of your choice. willGather has taken care in selecting its speakers but the opinions of our speakers are theirs alone. Thank you for your continued interest in our podcasts.

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