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Caring Through Communication: Speech Therapy & Dementia Care

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Caring Through Communication: Speech Therapy & Dementia Care with Adria Thompson, Speech-Language Pathologist & Founder of Be Light Care Consulting

How can speech therapy techniques revolutionize the way we approach dementia care? Today my guest Adria Thompson, a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with extensive experience in dementia care, will reveal the power of communication strategies and environmental modifications that can significantly improve the lives of individuals with dementia. Join us as we delve into the "how" behind Adria's transformative approach to supporting families on their caregiving journey.

Adria holds a master's and bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders from Eastern Kentucky University, and she is the owner of Be Light Care Consulting. Through her consulting business, Adria creates educational content for caregivers on social media platforms, offers one-on-one caregiver consultations, develops continuing education courses, and collaborates with senior care companies and brands to promote their services. Her passion for increasing awareness of dementia care has made her a sought-after speaker, presenting at conferences and events across the country.

In today's episode, we'll delve into the world of speech therapy and its crucial role in dementia care. We'll explore the challenges individuals with dementia face in both speaking and comprehension. Adria will share her expertise on strategies that can help maintain communication and swallowing abilities, providing valuable advice for caregivers. We'll also address common misconceptions about dementia behaviors and discover the reasons behind certain behaviors like resisting showering.

Adria will guide us through the environmental modifications that can make the showering experience more enjoyable and less overwhelming for individuals with dementia. She'll also shed light on successful communication techniques that can assist caregivers in navigating this process with their loved ones.

We discuss the ways Adria encourages and supports families on their journey of caring for someone with dementia. We'll also explore the available resources that can aid in providing the best possible care.

And finally, Adria has an exciting announcement! She'll give us a sneak peek into her upcoming course, focusing on the art of showering someone living with dementia.

We unravel the immense value of speech therapy in dementia care, learn about the process of finding and receiving speech therapy services, and gain a deeper understanding of how these professionals can make a positive impact in the lives of those with dementia.

Thank you, Adria, for the incredible gift you are to all of us! I've learned so much from you and I know others will too.

Listen to our episode HERE.

Adria shares about:

  • Adria's story and experience, the role of a speech therapy

  • Exploring how comprehension is a crucial aspect of speech therapy for individuals with dementia

  • Emphasizing the importance of practice for both care partners and individuals with dementia

  • Identifying when a loved one with dementia may benefit from speech therapy and the potential advantages

  • Discussing strategies to maintain communication and swallowing abilities

  • Addressing misconceptions and common misunderstandings about dementia behaviors

  • Exploring common reasons why people living with dementia may resist showering

  • Highlighting environmental modifications that can enhance the showering experience for individuals with dementia

  • Discussing effective communication techniques when assisting loved ones with dementia during showers

  • Sharing advice and encouragement for families navigating life with a person with dementia

  • Exploring available resources for dementia care, including speech therapy

  • Highlighting the various ways speech therapists can assist individuals with dementia

  • Outlining the process of finding and receiving speech therapy services

  • Adria's new course on showering is coming soon!

Learn more at

About Adria Thompson & Be Light Care

Adria Thompson is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with over 9 years of experience in dementia care. She holds a master's and bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders from Eastern Kentucky University. She is the owner of Be Light Care Consulting, where she creates educational content for professional and personal caregivers on social media platforms. Adria also provides one-on-one caregiver consultations, creates continuing education courses, and works with senior care companies and brands to market their services. With a passion for increasing awareness of dementia care, Adria is a sought-after speaker who has presented at conferences and events across the country.

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