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Building Trust: Nurturing Family & Senior Care Relationships with Erin Thompson

Updated: May 26

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Building Trust: Nurturing Family & Senior Care Relationships with Erin Thompson, Founder, Speaker & Podcaster at Aspire for More with Erin

Navigating the delicate balance of enhancing family and caregiver interactions within senior living communities is a multifaceted challenge.

My guest today, Erin Thompson, is a passionate leader in the senior living industry, with over two decades of dedicated experience. Erin has led four dynamic teams within assisted living memory care communities, her commitment to changing lives within these communities extends not only to the staff and residents but also to their families. Erin brings a personal perspective to her work, having cared for her grandmother for 15 years. This experience gives her unique insight into the struggles families face when transitioning their loved ones into senior living.

Erin supports families by emphasizing the importance of senior living communities asking the right questions to understand the residents' and their families' concerns and needs. The journey involves providing encouragement and emotional support to families during this critical time.

We talk about what success looks like for families in these settings. Building trust in caregiver-family relationships is vital, as is approaching conversations to ensure open communication. An essential aspect of this process is appreciating the hard work and dedication of the caregiving staff. We explore the concept of the 'emotional bank,' emphasizing the need to build strong relationships between caregivers and families. Misunderstandings can arise in any caregiving setting, so we discuss strategies to resolve conflicts between families and caregiving staff.

Overcoming guilt and shame and feeling supported in the decision-making process for a loved one's care is another critical area of focus. In our interview, Erin beautifully articulates the importance of building intrinsic value in relationships between families and caregivers. She encourages a shift in mindset and offers help in understanding these dynamics.

Erin's approach is not just about addressing immediate needs; it's about fostering a supportive and understanding environment where both families and caregivers feel valued and heard. This comprehensive approach is essential in ensuring that senior living communities not only meet the physical needs of residents but also enrich their emotional and social well-being.

Thank you, Erin, you authentically share with kindness and confidence, thank you for being you!

Listen to our episode HERE.

Erin shares about:

  • The importance of improving the dynamic between families and caregivers in senior living communities, focusing on effective communication and understanding.

  • She highlights the need for senior living communities to ask pertinent questions to better understand and address the concerns and needs of both residents and their families.

  • Drawing from her own 15-year experience caring for her grandmother, Erin offers unique insights into the emotional and practical challenges faced by families during the transition into senior living.

  • The importance of building trust in caregiver-family relationships and providing emotional support to families during the transition phase.

  • Strategies for dealing with conflicts and misunderstandings that can arise between families and caregiving staff in senior living settings.

  • Building strong relationships between families and staff, and overcoming hurdles such as negative feedback or guilt associated with caregiving decisions.

About Erin Thompson

Get ready to be inspired by the incredible journey of Erin, a passionate leader in the senior living industry with over two decades of dedicated experience. With a commitment to change lives, Erin has led four dynamic teams within assisted living memory care communities, reshaping the lives of residents and their families. Through her leadership, occupancy rates soared, and a profound sense of belonging enveloped each resident.

But Erin's impact doesn't stop there. Now a podcast host, she brings her wealth of knowledge to the airwaves. Tune in to "The Aspire for More with Erin" podcast, where she imparts mentorship, motivation, and inspiration to help others reach for greater heights in serving their residents. Her unwavering belief in the potential of each person shines through, driving listeners to create exceptional living spaces.

And that's not all – on "I Have Fallen and Need Some Help Podcast," Erin draws from her extensive experience of guiding thousands of families through their caregiving journeys. Her personal connection to the industry, caring for her grandmother and grandmother-in-law within her own communities, lends a uniquely empathetic perspective.

Erin's approach to senior living is refreshing, and her passion for the industry is palpable. With a heart dedicated to improving lives, she's excited to share her unparalleled insights and experiences with the world. Get ready to enjoy Erin's story and wisdom as she continues to shape the landscape of senior living with her extraordinary journey.


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