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Your Personal Story Matters

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Your Personal Story Matters with Nicole Shute, Customer Success at CareStory

Each of us comes with a life story, preferences, hobbies, interests, and unique family dynamics. All of our individual qualities come together to make us who we are. How do we share that story effectively when other people are caring for us? CareStory's platform "is designed to help families capture the essence of their loved ones, telling their stories and advocating for the care that they deserve."

Nicole Shute is my guest this week. She leads the Client Success at CareStory. CareStory is a nonmedical digital solution that provides holistic person-centered care for caregivers and families- all through the use of your smart device. Today Nicole and I talk all about why your loved ones' personal story matters, why empathy matters and how we bring that into our care with others. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your story with us!

Nicole shares about:

  • Insight into her experience as her grandfather lived in a senior living community

  • What are perceptions can be vs. reality of community life

  • The communication practices and observances

  • About CareStory and personalized communication

  • The importance of being connected to the personal story of those we serve

  • Why empathy matters when caring for others

  • The ways personal stories have transformed care

  • How we can learn more about CareStory

About CareStory & Nicole Shute

CareStory is dedicated to putting empathy back into long-term care. By providing caregivers with the right tools from the start, CareStory ensures that care staff are as familiar with loved ones as their families are; ensuring continuity of care. CareStory’s platform is designed to help families capture the essence of their loved ones, telling their stories and advocating for the care that they deserve.

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Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Nicole’s love affair with Senior Living was far from accidental. Her unique skillset and degrees in the written word, psychology, and education makes her a delightful conversation partner, capable of providing nuanced industry insights. Nicole stepped out of the classroom and into the Senior Living space to disrupt the status quo with CareStory, helping seniors speak up, stand out, and tell their story.

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