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Wellness in Creative Aging

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Wellness in Creative Aging with Cailey Massey, Founder of Artfull Enrichment Inc.

Being drawn to the arts from a young age and having a mother that’s an art teacher brought Cailey Massey to attend art school. She had the vision to bring Artfull Enrichment to life and bring about a vision to provide creative programming to enrich the lives of older adults with high-quality sustainable art programming. Through these innovative approaches, we can shift our perspective on what aging looks like. We can become confident and have a creative aging mindset through the shared art experience. Through these shared experiences we can collaborate, connect the generations, and learn more about ourselves. When we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone that is where we can learn something new.

Today my guest is Cailey Massey, Founder of Artfull Enrichment. We look at art from a bigger perspective and the benefit art brings to our lives and how it supports our wellness. Thank you, Cailey, for your big heart and for sharing with us all of the gifts that art brings.

Cailey shares about:

  • Looking at art from a bigger perspective- what is creative aging?

  • How art impacts our brain health and supports our wellness

  • Leaning into the experience vs. product creation

  • Why it's essential for us to explore sides of ourselves that we haven't before

  • How can families participate in creative aging

  • What we can we learn about ourselves when we let go of perfection

  • The importance of participation in art programs

  • How we elevate art programs to meet the needs of older adults

  • Where we can pull inspiration from

  • What's happening in the world of creative aging and the movement behind it

  • If we feel like we haven't been creative before- where do we start?

About Cailey Massey & Artfull Enrichment

Cailey Massey is a Canadian-born visual artist. She has been developing and implementing person-centered art programs in communities for over a decade. With hands-on, industry experience, Massey has dedicated her career to elevating artistic opportunities for underserved populations. Massey founded Artfull Enrichment to provide high-quality art programs that overcome age-related barriers and inspire participants to find their inner artist.

Artfull works closely with senior living communities to provide online access to art programs that promote creative expression, lifelong learning and social connectivity. All Artfull programs are accessible online and can be facilitated by recreation staff or used independently by residents.

For more information about Artfull Enrichment visit

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