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Choosing the Life We Want

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Choosing the Life We Want with Anna Marie Frank, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy & Founder of Happy Whole You

What holds us back from choosing the life that we want? Over the last few years my guest, Anna Marie Frank, has worked with caregivers and older adults about the power of re-wiring our brains and shifting our mindset to live a happy and whole life. What we think and how we speak greatly impacts our health.

Anna Marie Frank, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, is my guest this week. She has spent 20 years in the wellness industry. Her focus on how we can be proactive vs. reactive in our health guided our conversation. Understanding the caregiver's needs and mental health state gives her a framework for helping others find support and happiness. It was a pleasure to talk with Anna Marie- this is a fun conversation that will encourage anyone who listens! Thank you, Anna Marie!

Anna Marie shares about:

  • What is Traditional Naturopathy

  • How we as caregivers, care partners, and older adults can re-wire our brain and mindset- mindset is everything

  • An understanding of the wellness umbrella

  • How we can take control and live the life we want

  • Looking at the big picture and how we can make change

  • An awareness of what we are observing and absorbing- what we can do to shift our thinking

  • How we can find cost-effective options in supporting our health

  • How there is hope in choosing the life that we want

  • Anna Marie supports caregivers and their families and where we can learn more

About Anne Marie Frank & Happy Whole You

Anna Marie has spent over 20 years in the wellness industry and is a doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, certified brain health practitioner, and worksite wellness specialist. She is also the founder of Happy Whole You, formulator of three brain nutraceuticals, published author, life guide coach, mother of two, and holistic health advocate!

Anna Marie has found a way to combine high tech therapies with old school holistic health practices that improve one's brain function while simultaneously decreasing one's body inflammation. She started her company and practice after healing her own brain and body naturally.

You can work with Anna Marie virtually or in person at her wellness location. Connect with Anna Marie @HappyWholeYou on social media and visit her website at

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