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Supporting Families & Transforming Lives by Helping Seniors Find Joy & Purpose

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Supporting Families & Transforming Lives by Helping Seniors Find Joy & Purpose with Kris Chana, Founder & CEO of ActivAge, Daytime Senior Care

As a young couple at the age of twenty-three, Kris and his wife purchased their first assisted living. They spent the next three years living and caring for their residents all while renovating their space. This led to his mission to positively impact the lives of over 10 million older adults. Kris Chana is the Founder and CEO of ActivAge Adult Day Clubs. He is on a personal mission to give seniors hope and a sense of purpose that supports them in living their best lives along with supporting their families. Kris has spent his time immersed in the day to day life of caring for older adults and understands the unique challenges that families face. Kris is making his mark in the care economy space and is equipping families and older adults with much needed support.

This conversation is a masterclass in leading with heart and having provision for making a difference in the lives of others. Kris brings excitement into this space and fosters collaborative partnerships to bring awareness to this much needed concept and conversation. Kris is the leader to bring us into the next 20 year revolution of Adult Day Care. If you want to be encouraged in business, leadership and being a good human, don't miss this encouraging conversation. Thank you, Kris, for your leadership!

Kris shares about:

  • How he started ActivAge

  • How the history of healthcare has shaped how we deliver senior care

  • The next 20 year revolution will be the Era of Adult Day care

  • The challenges families and older adults are facing- the perfect storm is happening right now

  • The many family caregivers needing support and respite

  • What happens when people are engaged in purposeful adult day programs

  • The many benefits and services that ActivAge and Adult Day programs provide

  • His personal mission to give seniors hope, joy and a sense of purpose

  • The provision for adult day programs

  • The opportunity for bringing much needed change in how we deliver care

About Kris Chana & ActivAge

Kris Chana’s personal mission is to give seniors hope and a sense of purpose that helps them live their best life!

Kris is an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in senior care and a graduate from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Go Gators!

He is the Founder & CEO of ActivAge Adult Day Clubs, the fastest growing franchise concept in the senior care industry.

Kris is the host of “The CAREpreneur” podcast and the show, “Senior Care Uncensored” which takes people behind the scenes of a growing senior care organization.

Through the show, Kris has documented some fun adventures that include taking seniors parasailing, flying, air boating, motorcycling, mustang convertible rides and much more.

Kris believes you are never too old to have fun and wants to inspire others in healthcare to help seniors live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Fun fact: Something you may not know is that Kris and Chelsea were the youngest newlyweds to own, operate and live in an assisted living facility for the first 3.5 years of marriage.

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