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Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace

Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace with Marie Gress, LMSW-Macro, CEO of Kovir, LLC.

According to Harvard Business Review, there are about 65 million Americans that are part of this large group of people who provide 80% of the long-term care in our country, many of them Millennials. As the Review mentions, most of us don’t even identify ourselves as a caregiver- we’re just being good daughters, sons, mothers, etc. and in this large group of people, we are family members, friends, and people that are caring for other people. For most family caregivers is it not an option to choose between family and work- they are juggling both.

On average caregivers are missing up to 6.6 workdays per year- this leads to lost productivity and turnover. Let alone the stress that caregivers feel trying to juggle caring for their loved ones and being productive at work.

How can the workplace support those caring for our older adults when they need it most? What if companies could ease this burden? What are some options to make the caregiving journey a little bit easier? How do we identify a workplace as caregiver-friendly? Today we talk with Marie Gress, CEO of Kovir, LLC. They are a social enterprise that helps aging sector organizations increase their capacity and impact. Marie is a licensed master level social worker with specialties in macro practice and older adults. She shares about the important work that Kovir is a part of and we’re so happy she’s here with us today to talk about this important topic- creating a caregiver-friendly workplace.

Marie shares about:

  • The caregiving landscape

  • We talk about the impact that caregiving has on the workplace and the caregiver

  • How do we identify a workplace as caregiver-friendly?

  • What culture are companies creating that supports caregivers

  • What steps we can take in creating a caregiver friendly environment and supporting our caregivers around us

  • The many benefits that take place when we support our caregivers

  • How benefits and support services, like Papa, can support the workplace and meet the needs of caregivers

Marie Gress is a licensed master level social worker with specialties in macro practice and older adults. She is the CEO at Kovir LLC, a social enterprise helping aging sector organizations increase their capacity and impact. She is the founder of WizeCove™, a professional development community, and AgeFlux, a series of tools for digital community building with older adults. She has worked with community-based grassroots non-profits formally for the past 12 years and specifically with those doing older adult services and senior centers for the last 7 years. More about the work their team does at

About the organization:

Kovir LLC is a leading company for increasing capacity and impact with aging sector nonprofits, businesses, entrepreneurs, government, philanthropists, and investors. If you are doing work or wish to do work with the aging population in the United States, especially in areas of strategic planning, development, network activation, and agetech, consider our team your resource.

Kovir has aging sector ecosystem knowledge - we know the landscape, organizations, people, and aging theory.

Kovir has established relationships within agetech, universities, senior centers, area agencies on aging, councils on aging, and departments on aging across the country.

Kovir provides actionable recommendations, practical best practices, and purpose-driven outcomes with real-world results that are inclusive and sustainable.

Our unique approach meets your organization's needs where it is at.

Work with our team directly, gaining individualized support and experience increased capacity.

Join our subscription tracks (KovirOrg, KovirPage, KovirTech, KovirAge) to take self-paced courses and participate in live interactive workshops for $15/month or less.

From caregiver research white papers to aging digital inclusion, the solutions we offer are ones your organization can sustainably maintain and grow.

Start with an email to or video chat at

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