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Pages of Compassion: Live at Teepa Snow's PAC Conference

Natalie Elliott Handy confessions of a reluctant caregiver

Pages of Compassion: Live at Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care Conference with Nikki Jardin & Tavé Fascé, Founders of Mirador Magazine

At the 2023 Positive Approach to Care conference, I had the opportunity to interview Nikki Jardin and Tave Fasce, Founders of Mirador Magazine.

Today we explore how a simple act, like reading a magazine, can become a cherished lifeline.

A few years ago, Nikki's life took a poignant turn when her aunt was diagnosed with Young-Onset Alzheimer's at 63. Stepping up as her primary guardian, Nikki navigated the complexities of care with love and dedication. Her aunt, a curious soul with a passion for magazines, particularly about animals and science, started facing challenges with reading – a cherished activity slowly being stripped away by the disease. Nikki, sharing a professional bond in writing with her aunt, saw an urgent need for accessible reading material for those living with dementia.

Driven by this need, Nikki embarked on a journey to create what is now Mirador Magazine. Alongside Tavé Fascé, co-founder and a graphic designer with an eye for inclusive design, they crafted a magazine that's easy to read and enjoy, designed specifically for individuals with changing brain conditions.

It took 18 months of dedicated research and development to prepare their first publication, with a goal to serve not just a niche community but to enhance interactions and connections among families facing similar challenges.

Mirador, named as a tribute to Nikki's late Aunt Sharron, a Spanish speaker and explorer of their family's heritage, symbolizes a lookout or vantage point. It's a fitting metaphor for a magazine that offers a window to the world for those whose cognitive abilities are changing.

As we discuss Mirador's journey, its impact, and its future, we invite you to join us in this heartwarming and enlightening conversation. A shoutout to Carrie Alberts for recommending we meet these incredible women.

This episode is powered by Seni, which provides support and products for those caring for their loved ones.

Listen to our episode HERE.

About Mirador Magazine

Mirador is an award-winning, reader-friendly publication lovingly designed for our neurodivergent community and created to be enjoyed by everybody! 

Mirador currently has 12 publications available at as either sets or single issues. Our pages are ad-free and include short features on nature, science, history and the people who make our world wonderful. In each issue (except our Anthology), we also include several activities such as puzzles, a craft and a recipe to be completed on one's own or with friends or family. 

About Teepa Snow:

She is one of the world's leaders in dementia education and advocacy. Teepa founded Positive Approach to Care and its reach includes 30 countries worldwide. Teepa's ability to connect with others, provide practical tools for families and support for others has been life giving to many including myself. There is a wealth of knowledge that you need to explore at to continue learning more about her incredible work.


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