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Overcoming the Cost of Care

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Overcoming the Cost of Care with Kimberly Whiter, CEO of Elder Care Solutions

Families are often in an overwhelming and unsustainable financial situation when providing care for their loved ones. There are so many families struggling to pay for care. How do we address the need to provide adequate and affordable solutions for families and older adults?

Kimberly Whiter, CEO of Elder Care Solutions, is my guest today. We are kindred spirits, both with hearts for helping and serving others. She is on a mission to "help families realize a more financially positive aging and caring experience". Kim and her team provide a safe place for families to express their fears, concerns, and questions about the cost of care. Offering a listening ear and solutions provided by an interdisciplinary team leads many families to find support and tangible resources. Thank you, Kim, for the important work that you do!

Kimberly shares about:

  • The state of caregiving around the world

  • The reason behind the rapid growth of caregivers

  • What leads to large out-of-pocket expenses for caregivers

  • Why care is expensive

  • What financial options do families have to support the cost of care

  • What are the barriers to accessing financial information and resources

  • Understanding what important documents are needed to support our loved ones' care

  • How Elder Care Solutions supports families and older adults

  • How families can begin to feel empowered

About Elder Care Solutions & Kimberly Whiter

Elder Care Solutions helps families face the challenges of long-term care. We empower families by providing a bird's-eye view of all your options for facing your unique long-term care situation.

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Kimberly spent over 10 years in higher education, during which time she built a scholarly program studying how interprofessional and interdisciplinary teams function to reach the best shared outcome. This work translated well into her role as CEO for Elder Care Solutions, where she creates innovative strategic collaborations to provide solutions for our nation's care crisis. She is on a mission with Elder Care Solutions to help families realize a more financially positive aging and caring experience. She feels it's inexcusable that there is not a care infrastructure in place capable of supporting our aging citizens and the family members and friends taking care of them. She is convinced it is going to take an interdisciplinary approach to find solutions that will support families best and access to the money needed to provide adequate care is an essential part of the solution. Too many families are struggling to pay for care. Educating and consulting with families and connecting them to resources that can help lessen the financial strain of caregiving for our seniors is the important work that she does.

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