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Life Interrupted in Millennial Caregiving

Life Interrupted in Millennial Caregiving with Ashley Stevens, The Dementia Guru

Currently, there are 10 million unpaid Millennial caregivers. Black Millennials make up 34% of that demographic. Millennials make up the most diverse group of caregivers and have unique challenges, needs, and qualities. It truly is "life interrupted" as they navigate this new role. Millennial caregivers also bring incredible blessings to those they care for.

Today we talk with Ashley Stevens, Founder of The Dementia Guru, about millennial caregiving. With her experience in dementia and deep love for her Great Grandma, she holds a degree in gerontology and a master's degree in social work. This personal passion led to the creation of a platform to support family caregivers, millennials, and older adults. Ashley continues to bridge gaps, be a wealth of knowledge, and do incredible work- I have learned so much from her and I'm so honored she is our guest!

We have a meaningful conversation about millennial caregiving and learn about:

  • What is a millennial caregiver?

  • How does their caregiving journey differ from others

  • We look at Black millennial & millennial caregiving and talk about those unique challenges and blessings

  • How grief shows up in our caregiving and tips on how to cope with grief

  • Recommendations on how to engage in self-care as a caregiver

  • Where caregivers can find support, including financial support

  • Encouragement for new caregivers

For the past 12 years, Ashley Stevens has utilized her Gerontology background to provide support to caregivers throughout the state of North Carolina. Her story of dementia care began at a young age and continues today in her incredible work journey.

You might be asking, “How did DEMENTIA become her life?! Isn’t dementia for old people?” Well not quite, and at the tender age of 6, Ashley was introduced to Alzheimer’s disease as she watched it take a toll on her Great Grandma Trollie. Decades later, as a millennial, Ashley has found herself organically in the midst of the dementia world, collaborating with families. It’s not just a job for Ashley – it’s her passion. Her calling.

Ashley holds a Bachelor’s degree in gerontology (the study of aging) from Bowling Green State University and she received her master’s degree in social work from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her graduate certification is focused on dementia care practices, aging, and global research. She also holds a professional license in social work and therapeutic practices.

Ashley Started “The Dementia Guru” caregiving blog and aging lifestyle platform to share her personal care journey, as well as offer other caregivers and millennials a space to connect, learn, and feel empowered!

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