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Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy with Jessica Redmond of Storyteller

“A life well lived is a story worth telling” We all have a story to tell and we need connection now more than ever. By the telling of our stories, we are able to build those bridges to our families and loved ones and leave a legacy for generations to come. My interview with Jessica Redmond of Storyteller highlights the importance of passing down the gift of memoirs to our loved ones- but it’s about so much more! Join us as we have an insightful conversation about life, history, and the importance of really listening and hearing to what those small moments are that make up a life. Now, as we face these days of isolation and uncertainty, she believes sharing and preserving those stories is more vital than ever.

In this episode we talk about how memoirs have been written since ancient times and collected through the written word but also the spoken word, how has the capturing of a life story or memoirs changed throughout the generations and brings us to their surge in importance right now and why it is important to pass down a personal legacy. Jessica Redmond takes us through the process of what capturing a life story looks like, how elders and family members can implement her insight and she shares with us her favorite memoirs.

Jessica Redmond is a Minnesota based writer. She is the founder and creator of Storyteller, a personal story and memoir writing service. Jessica holds a BA in English from Tulane University and a MA in International Public Policy from Rutgers University. She is the author of A Year of Absence: Six Women's Stories of Courage, Hope and Love, a non-fiction account of the lives of soldier's spouses during the first year of the war in Iraq. She is passionate about bringing stories to life and honoring personal legacies through the written word.

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