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How to Improve Your Memory: Tips for Enhanced Cognitive Wellness

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How to Improve Your Memory: Tips for Enhanced Cognitive Wellness with Rena Yudkowsky, Founder of Memory Matters

"Where did I put my keys?" "Did I close the garage door?" How do we know which memory loss is normal?

My guest is Rena Yudkowsky, the founder of Memory Matters. Rena is a professional memory coach and a geriatric social worker. From a young age, working with older adults, she became passionate about helping individuals improve their memory. She has always been fascinated by how memory functions or fails to, and has dedicated her life to empowering people to enhance their memory and confidence using proven techniques and strategies.

For the past 20 years, Rena has worked in the field of aging. She has served as the Director of an Alzheimer’s unit and as the Director of Development at a senior enrichment program in Israel. Additionally, she's been a trainer for dementia caregivers. Through Memory Matters, Rena facilitates support groups and delivers international lectures on aging topics. She offers online memory improvement courses, one-on-one memory coaching, and provides support for older adults and their caregivers.

Today, we discuss how to improve our memory, common misconceptions about memory loss and cognitive decline, helpful memory techniques, understanding which memory loss is considered "normal", the effects of stress, anxiety, and lifestyle on memory, approaches to working with individuals resistant to memory improvement techniques, and strategies for continuously engaging our brains as we age.

Improving memory with confidence is both doable and manageable. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and have learned tips that I'm going to implement right away. Thank you, Rena, for sharing your insights and expertise with us!

Listen to our episode HERE.

Rena shares about:

  • How memory loss isn't always linked to aging and the misconceptions of memory loss and cognitive decline

  • How many factors, including stress, anxiety, and trauma, can cause memory issues

  • Understanding the difference between normal vs. abnormal memory loss

  • Exploring whether foods or supplements can prevent memory loss

  • Lifestyle changes that can prevent or delay cognitive decline

  • The ways we can have memory improvement- techniques to help us enhance our memory

  • Strategies for engaging the brain and promoting cognitive function as one ages

  • Addressing resistance to memory improvement tools and techniques

  • The benefits of regular exercise for memory and cognitive function

  • How family members and caregivers can aid those with memory loss

  • Services provided by professionals to support older adults and caregivers

  • New technologies or treatments on the horizon for memory loss

  • The many ways Memory Matters supports older adults and families as she empowers them to believe in their own memory with confidence

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About Rena Yudkowsky & Memory Matters

Rena Yudkowsky, a professional memory coach and geriatric social worker, is the founder of Memory Matters. She teaches online memory improvement courses to mid-lifers and seniors. Over the past twenty years in the field, she has served as the director of an Alzheimer's unit in an assisted living facility in Maryland, the director of development at a senior enrichment program in Israel, trainer for dementia caregivers, facilitator of support groups, and international lecturer on aging topics.

Currently, she is the memory coach for an international anti-aging clinic where she does 1:1 coaching and is working on a comprehensive program to prevent dementia.

She is super passionate about her mission of helping those 50 + to age more healthfully, both physically and cognitively, as she empowers them to believe in their own memory with confidence.

Facebook group: Memory Matters-tips and tricks for mid-lifers and seniors

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