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How to Advocate for Yourself in Transitions of Care

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How to Advocate for Yourself in Transitions of Care with Dr. Nancy A. Taylor, Founder and CEO of Taylormade Senior Advocacy and Consulting

How do we avoid miscommunication and medication errors during transitions of care? Implementation of clear communication practices and medication reconciliation processes can significantly reduce the risk of errors, lower the rate of rehospitalization, and improve overall patient outcomes.

Today, my guest is Dr. Nancy Taylor, the Founder and CEO of Taylormade Senior Advocacy and Consulting. She is a Doctor of Pharmacy, a Board-Certified Patient Advocate, and a Certified Senior Advisor, specializing in Collaborative Deliberation with clients and families, as well as client care coordination.

Dr. Taylor is the perfect person to guide us on how to navigate transitions of care successfully and avoid rehospitalization. During our conversation, we learn how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the complications that can arise during transitions of care. We will discuss how Dr. Taylor supports older adults and families, what transitions of care are, and how miscommunication and medication errors can occur during these transitions. Additionally, we will explore ways to avoid readmission, the importance of health literacy and understanding medical terminology, the common types of transitions of care, the factors that should be considered, and the role healthcare providers play. We will also discuss how an advocate can help us navigate this time and how we can measure success. Finally, we will talk about how Dr. Nancy Taylor can support families and older adults during these transitions of care. Thank you, Dr. Nancy Taylor, for bringing awareness to this topic and equipping us with information as we navigate transitions of care.

Dr. Nancy Taylor shares about:

  • How as young girl she learned the power of care from her father who was a pharmacist

  • Her journey to become a Doctor of Pharmacy and her heart for education and advocacy

  • Why it's important to understand Transitions of Care

  • The impact of miscommunication, mismedication and readmission

  • The importance of being health literate

  • Bridging the gap between medical professionals and patients through communication simplification

  • Understanding what to look for in transitions of care as older adults and family members

  • Overcoming communication challenges in healthcare transitions

  • Where we can learn more and work with Dr. Nancy Taylor

About Dr. Nancy Taylor & Taylormade Senior Advocacy and Consulting

Dr. Nancy A. Taylor is founder and CEO of Taylormade Senior Advocacy and Consulting LLC. As an advocate she guides and empowers older adults and their families as they navigate the complex maze that is our national healthcare system. It is so easy to become overwhelmed and many people find the system daunting regardless of their age. She provides a guiding hand with Collaborative Deliberation, Medicare Education including choosing drug plans, Provider and Care Coordination, Comprehensive Clinical Medication Reviews, and Medication Therapy Management. Through her services, clients find security, empowerment, and peace of mind along their health and lifecare journey.

After fourteen years in community pharmacy, Dr. Taylor shifted her focus and started her company to better serve her aging patients. She kept hearing the words of her pharmacist father, “We are not just dispensing medicine, we are dispensing HOPE. Remember Nancy, your empathy, compassion and sense of humor are as much medicine as are pills and creams.” The transition from pharmacist to advocate is natural and empowering for both Dr. Taylor and those she serves.

Dr. Taylor continues to serve as a consulting pharmacist in Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care. She is responsible for evaluating drug appropriateness, determining drug/drug and drug/disease interactions and drug regimen consistency during transitions of care.

In addition to her Doctor of Pharmacy, Dr. Taylor is a Board Certified Patient Advocate and a Certified Senior Advisor. She is a member of the American Geriatrics Society, American Pharmacists Association, the American Society of Consulting Pharmacists and the Wyoming Pharmacists Association. She is also a member of the Alliance of Professional Healthcare Advocates, the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy and Greater National Advocates.

You may read more about Dr. Taylor and her services on her website and contact her at or call 877.216.7450

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