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Hospice Care & Family Moments

Updated: May 13, 2022

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Hospice Care & Family Moments with Traci Lamb, CEO of Smart Caregiving

This week my guest is Traci Lamb, CEO of Smart Caregiving. Traci has spent the last 20 years in the healthcare industry with over 14 of those years working in hospice. She is the primary caregiver for both of her parents who are in their 80s - this led our conversation today as well as her personal experience working in hospice care.

Families have many questions- what is hospice care? How is it different than palliative care? What is comfort care? Why would we choose hospice? What are the benefits? How do we have these important conversations? We look at the value of grief support and how everyone experiences grief differently.

Traci has a passion for helping people, she leads with integrity and desires to support families through their care journeys. Traci's company was voted a Top 100 Healthcare Visionary by IFAH. Thank you, Traci, for sharing your story.

Traci shares about:

  • Traci shares her family story

  • All about hospice care, palliative care and comfort care

  • The most frequently asked questions by families

  • What leads to families and older adults choosing hospice care? What are some diagnosis and care journeys where we should consider hospice that we might not realize it’s an option?

  • The benefits of hospice

  • How we have conversation with our loved ones about hospice

  • Talking with younger ones and grandchildren about grief and hospice

About Traci Lamb & Smart Caregiving

Traci Lamb – CEO/Founder/President – Smart Caregiving LLC

Traci has spent the last 20 years in the healthcare industry, with over 14 years working within the hospice industry. Traci is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Executive Coach with the International Coaching Federation, along with being a Certified Paralegal through Boston University. She successfully owned and ran her own recruiting business and is now fulfilling her passion of helping people. She is the primary caregiver for both parents who are in their 80’s. She’s divorced, has no kids so most of her time is spent taking care of parents, working with her church, spending time with friends and now building Smart Caregiving LLC™.

Smart Caregiving arose out of Traci Lamb’s passion for helping people and seeing a huge need and gap in the healthcare industry. People taking care of loved ones at home were overwhelmed, frustrated and had no where to go to get all the answers they needed anytime, any day and from anywhere in the world. She has made it her life’s mission to create a company to fulfill that need by creating a community of caregivers that will no longer feel alone and will always have the help that they need. She does this by not only providing them the capability of emailing or calling in and asking any questions they wish but also providing a global directory of products and services that help ease their caregiving journey. It is a Christian based company with a mission statement that is simple: Serve God and Serve Others. Together we can make a difference. *This is free for caregivers!

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