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Global Innovations in Aging: SilverEco Ageing Well International Festival

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Global Innovations in Aging: SilverEco Ageing Well International Festival with Jérôme Pigniez, Founder and President of On-Medio and

What does it take to create a global movement that champions the well-being of our aging population? Joining us today is Jérôme Pigniez, founder and president of On-Medio and, the premier portal for the Silver Economy sector. With decades of experience in demographic transition and technologies for autonomy, Jérôme has become a leading voice in aging well. His work spans speaking at international conferences, authoring influential reports, and guiding companies through the complexities of this vital industry. Today, we talk about the Silver Economy, and how exploring innovation and dedication come together to support our older adults.

The SilverNight Awards and the SilverEco & Ageing Well International Festival is an event that unites global leaders to celebrate and advance the cause of aging well. From Paris to Tokyo and now Cannes, this festival has grown to become a gathering for those dedicated to making a difference.

This international festival is a premier event that brings together experts, innovators, and passionate individuals from around the world, dedicated to improving the lives of older adults.

The SilverEco International Ageing Awards, SilverNight Gala, Expo, educational programs with 6 exceptional international congresses, and networking. Thank you, Jérôme Pigniez, for bringing us all together. In 2023, 16 countries were represented, and +1,500 attendees. This year they are expecting over 2,000 participants.

In addition to being a media partner, I’m thrilled to be moderating and speaking on a panel with the wonderful Adria Thompson MA, CCC-SLP and Carrie Aalberts BS, MS, discussing "Social Media's Impact on Dementia Caregiving and Awareness." 

Follow along as we'll be sharing more updates!

At the SilverEco Festival, you’ll have the opportunity to:

🌍 Connect with global leaders in aging services 

🧠 Discover the latest innovations and technologies 

📚 Attend inspiring talks and keynote sessions 

🤝 Participate in interactive workshops and networking events 

🏅 Celebrate outstanding achievements in the aging sector

Don’t miss this chance to learn, share, and be part of a vibrant community working towards a better future for our aging population.

Join us on September 16 & 17th, 2024, and be inspired by these innovations in aging well. 

See you there!

Listen to our episode HERE.

About Jérôme Pigniez

Jérôme PIGNIEZ is founder and president of On-Medio and, the silver economy portal that lists all the players in the ageing well sector. He is an expert in demographic transition, technologies for autonomy and the Silver Economy sector. 


Regularly invited to speak at many conferences, to write books and reports, and to take part in working groups on the subject of ageing, Jérôme PIGNIEZ was the reporter for one of the Silver Economy working groups of the Ministry of the Elderly and Autonomy, which followed the official launch of the Silver Economy branch by the government and was entrusted with a mission to identify the players in this complex sector. He did so by co-founding several ageing well structures, and founding On-Medio through which he supports and advises various companies in this field.  


Finally, Jérôme PIGNIEZ is the producer and organizer of the SilverNight : the SilverEco Awards and Ageing Well International Awards whose purpose is to discover and reward the best structures involved in supporting the elderly population. After a great international success in Paris and Tokyo, this annual event is hosted since 2021 at the Palais des Festivals of Cannes in the south of France as a part of the SilverEco & Ageing Well International Festival, the worldwide meeting of Silver Economy players, and has continued to grow ever since, gathering international representatives from all around the globe to build a better ageing well world. 

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