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Gero-what?! Gerontology #fortheculture

Gero-what?! Gerontology #fortheculture with Christina Peoples

I can't think of a better way to start the New Year. Christina Peoples brings her joy and wisdom to this podcast. In this episode, we are shining a light on gerontology, ageism, the need for diversity, and aging information for people of color and our younger generation. Aging information that is delivered in a way that is #fortheculture. Our country offers the gift of a wonderfully diverse culture and it needs to be represented- Christina encourages our millennials and caregivers by providing a valuable resource for them as they are searching for answers on aging. Health disparities do exist- let's talk about it.

We talk about the impact of ageism and how the language we use impacts our view of aging.

Don't miss this masterclass on following your passion and carving out your way in the world. We are grateful that all things work together for good.

Christina Peoples is a native of North Carolina. Her passion is working with older adults and her desire is to educate people about the world of Gerontology. She holds a Master of Science degree in Gerontology with a concentration in aging and business, which was obtained from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. However, Christina credits her foundation in the field of Gerontology to the Historically Black College/University, Winston-Salem State University. Gero-what?!'s purpose is to dispel/eliminate the many myths and stereotypes that are directed towards aging, to provide resources, and to exemplify that life doesn't end just because we turn another year older.

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