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Empathy and Innovation in Dementia Care with Carrie Aalberts

Updated: May 26

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Empathy and Innovation in Dementia Care: Carrie Aalberts Live at Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care Conference

Recording this bonus episode with the amazing Carrie Aalberts (aka the Dementia Darling) was so much fun!

We recorded it live from the 2023 Positive Approach to Care conference, which was led by Teepa Snow. Her Positive Approach to Care is tackling dementia collectively. Carrie is not only a dear friend of mine but also a valued colleague. She brings immense help, encouragement, and knowledge to the world of caregiving and senior care. With a decade of experience and a master's in gerontology, she truly is the Dementia Darling. She also serves as a care advisor for Eugeria, offering her unique perspective on dignified innovations for such a significant journey.

In our conversation, Carrie and I had a lot of fun. Firstly, it was an exciting time because "Dementia Divas," which is the first-ever TV show devoted to dementia caregivers, was being released the same week as our gathering at the Teepa Snow conference. Teepa is part of the dementia divas, along with Dr. Macie Smith. The dementia divas can be found on Saltbox TV and will continue to be featured.

We dive into behind-the-scenes details of the recording and discuss how they are reaching and impacting others. We talk about shifting the narrative around dementia care, tackling the hard stuff, and navigating compassion and empathy. We give shout-outs to Vera Music, Stephen Hunt, Relish, Dr. Macie Smith, Saltbox TV, Zinnia, Allyson Schrier, and others.

Carrie shares the joy of the first holiday season in the US for Eugeria. It's a reflection of how special they are and the mission they are on, working towards greatly improving the quality of life for caregivers and those living with dementia. We also discuss great, dignified gift ideas for your loved ones.

You don’t want to miss this conversation. I just love any opportunity I get to talk to Carrie Aalberts.

This episode is powered by Seni, which provides support and products for those caring for their loved ones.

Listen to our episode HERE.

About Carrie Aalberts

Carrie Aalberts also known as Dementia Darling has a Master of Science focused in Gerontology and has been working in senior care for a decade. She created Dementia Darling to provide a safe place for dementia caregivers to find community, support, resources and education. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok @dementiadarling. Carrie works as a Care Advisor for Eugeria, where she shares dignified innovations for the dementia journey.

About Teepa Snow:

She is one of the world's leaders in dementia education and advocacy. Teepa founded Positive Approach to Care and its reach includes 30 countries worldwide. Teepa's ability to connect with others, provide practical tools for families and support for others has been life giving to many including myself. There is a wealth of knowledge that you need to explore at to continue learning more about her incredible work.


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