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Effectively Share Your Loved Ones Health Story

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Effectively Share Your Loved Ones Health Story

with Jean Ross, RN, Co-Founder of Primary Record

How do we keep track of our health information stored in multiple locations? Numerous health records and documents need to be collected from various doctors and providers when overseeing our loved ones care.

My guest today is Jean Ross, she is the co-founder of Primary Record. Primary Record is a safe and secure way to organize, discuss, and easily share your health information with those that matter. It’s a mobile application that all families need! It’s necessary for individuals and caregivers of those with complex medical conditions. Jean spent six years in critical care, she was able to see the frustration that disconnected health information was causing families.

Primary Record is the future of how families will access health information stored in multiple locations. Families are excited about how Primary Records gives them a medical home base. It allows them to easily share their health story in meaningful ways with their loved ones and providers.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Jean at The Care Colloquium. It was a joy to meet her! Thank you, Jean, for the great interview and for bringing about change in how we share and access our medical information. Cheering you on!

Jean shares about:

  • How her path as a critical care nurse drove her to see change in health information

  • The state of health information and medical records at the moment

  • How family caregivers manage their loved ones health information

  • The responsibility of overseeing medical records and best practices

  • The ways in which Primary Record supports individuals and loved ones

  • The importance of sharing our health story for comprehensive care

  • The ways in which Primary Record saves families time and energy

  • Where we can learn more and feel supported

*We are excited to be a community partner with Primary Record. Please use the code WILLGATHER20 when accessing & downloading the Primary Record app.

About Jean Ross, RN & Primary Record

Primary Record is a safe and secure way to organize, discuss and easily share your health information with those who matter. It is the mobile application all families need and a necessity for individuals or caregivers of those living with complex medical conditions.

Primary Record is building the future of how families will access health information stored in multiple places in one secure place to organize and share over their lifetime.

Jean Ross, RN Bio: Purposefully choosing the nursing profession at 29, Jean spent six years in critical care before launching a community-based business focused on care coordination for aging adults and their family caregivers in 2015. This experience led her to see the harm and stress disconnected health information was causing families.

She co-founded Primary Record in July 2020 with her neighbor and technologist, Jim McIntosh, to address the growing need families have to organize, discuss, and share health information with the teams of people who support and help them.

Jean believes in building trusting relationships to impact change. You can find Jean giving time to serve on advisory councils for her local hospital, state nurses association, and local guardianship program. She also volunteers as a Circle Leader of a caregiver support group called Daughterhood. One of Jean’s proudest achievements is making over 500 Dementia Friends as a volunteer Dementia Champion with Dementia Friends Indiana. Through Dementia Friends Indiana, Jean has helped start local Memory Cafes, a dementia-friendly hospital, to educate emergency personnel and medical students.

Jean is the mother of three sons, Jonas, Ian, and Otis, two rescues, Blossom & Kevin, and the wife of Dr. Christian Ross, who also serves as the physician advisor to Primary Record.

The team at Primary Record believes the future of care starts with families having easy, secure access to their health data so they can support each other and access care designed for them.

Connect with Primary Record:

Instagram: @primaryrecord

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