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Driving with Gerontologist, Renee Skoglund

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Driving: Aging, Safety & Family Dynamics with Gerontologist Renee Skoglund

We talk with Gerontologist, Renee Skoglund, about a topic that many family members and loved ones are faced with- Is my loved one safe to continue driving? What are those age-related changes that affect driving, how do we spot those warning signs that may affect driving, what can be put in place to remain safe, who makes the decision to take away the keys, how do we empower our loved one to make safe, independent decisions, and all things aging and driving. We give helpful tips on how to help your loved one transition and thrive if they are no longer able to drive. Renee’s wisdom and insight into this topic, which is challenging for many, is not to be missed.

Renee Skoglund received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Gerontology from Drake University and a Masters in Gerontology, from the University of Northern Colorado. She was awarded the Colorado Graduate Fellow and received the Graduate Deans Citation for Excellence.

She has worked in the Gerontology field for over 30 years, focusing on creating, implementing, updating, managing, and improving programs for people over 50. Programs included the creation of a hospital-based adult day program, a hospital-based membership program, starting her own company to maximize activity, engagement, and happiness, which result in a better quality of life. Several of the programs received national awards. She is now the Executive Director of a senior living building.

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