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Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication and Staying Curious with Cathy Braxton

In this episode, we interview Cathy Braxton creator of Improv for Caregivers. We talk about challenging out-of-date communication patterns by actively submerging in the pillars of empathy and then utilizing the newly gained listening abilities with the rules of improv for a new gold standard in communication. We dive into advice for a new caregiver and how to incorporate the whole family in caregiving. We talk about the difference between patient-centered care and relationship-centered care. What is compassionate communication and how we can support those that we partner in caring with and how to always show up with curiosity. We look at what is Improv for Caregivers and explore it’s stripping and exposing technique that creates space for new ideas and concepts to take hold and become a more sound and compassionate foundation for the purpose of connecting to others.

Cathy Braxton is the Founder of Improv for Caregivers. She has worked in the aging industry for over 20 years managing memory care units, directing activity programs, case management, support group facilitation, and in-home care. Cathy has completed all of her coursework for her Masters degree in Health Psychology and Gerontology Studies and is a published author and blogger for The Chicago Tribune. November 2014 Recipient of the Dr. Richard and Gertrude P. Zalar "Gentle Touch Award" in recognition of Outstanding Professional Caregiving for those with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Recipient of the Leading Age Illinois Honor of Excellence Award on March 3, 2015 International speaker September 2015 at the international dementia conference, Toronto Canada. Invited as 2016 international speaker and moderator at the international vascular dementia conference located in Spain, July 2016 Computerized, digitized and mechanical devices are flooding the market, promising to be the one. The only. The solution. What is lost in all of this is connection through CURIOSITY. The unique, priceless gift that fills our souls, lightens our hearts and moves us ever forward in the quest for giving and receiving care. It is curiosity that drives you. It is curiosity that motivates you. It is curiosity that keeps you human.

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