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Changing the Way We Think About Dementia

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Changing the Way We Think About Dementia with Leslie Fuller, MSW, LMSW, Founder and CEO of Inspired Senior Care

What do we do when we learn our loved one has a new diagnosis of dementia? What questions do we ask? Where do we go to learn how to support our loved ones?

Today, my guest is Leslie Fuller, she is the founder and CEO of Inspired Senior Care. Her goal is to bring interactive education to families and senior living communities to create sustainable cultures of care. As a social gerontologist and social worker, Leslie understands the unique challenges that families face when supporting their loved ones and how to find success as a care partner.

Leslie is a wealth of knowledge and her positive energy gives us the tools to focus on our loved one's strengths. This conversation encourages us to create a culture that supports the quality of life for our older adults and senior living communities. Thank you, Leslie, for joining me and teaching us how to be "wildly curious", have a strength-based perspective, and be active in seeking to understand our loved ones.

Leslie shares about:

  • Her background in dementia education and tools to support families

  • Creating a community culture that supports quality of life for older adults, families, and eldercare professionals

  • What to do when we receive the new dementia diagnosis

  • How do we interact with our loved ones and best care for them

  • The support we need in the stages of care

  • How we get unstuck from fear

  • Implementing a strength-based perspective

  • What it means to be wildly curious

  • How being a detective encourages our creativity in care

  • What resources and support are available

To learn more and connect with Leslie, visit Inspired Senior Care.

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About Leslie Fuller & Inspired Senior Care

My name is Leslie Fuller and I am the founder and owner of Inspired Senior Care. For the past 13 years, I have focused my career on seniors and more than half has been focused on dementia care education. My goal for Inspired Senior Care is to bring interactive education to organizations serving seniors, to help them create a sustainable culture of quality care based on creating genuine relationships, adapted communication skills, and problem solving. Working with older adults has been life changing for me. In The best of ways. Looking forward to continuing inspiring and impacting the lives of seniors, their families and the staff supporting them.

Welcome to Inspired Senior Care!

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