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Caring From Within: Exploring Caregiver Anxiety and Self-Love

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Caring From Within: Exploring Caregiver Anxiety and Self-Love with Carrie Aalberts BS, MS, CDP, CMDCP, @DementiaDarling

Have you considered the silent strain and emotional journey that family caregivers of older adults navigate daily, especially when it comes to mental health and anxiety? Today, I'm honored to have Carrie Aalberts, known as the "Dementia Darling," join our conversation. With a Master of Science in Gerontology and a decade immersed in senior care, Carrie created 'Dementia Darling' to offer a sanctuary for dementia caregivers. A place where community is built, support is unconditional, and resources are abundant.

Beyond her mission with Dementia Darling, Carrie plays a pivotal role as a Care Advisor for Eugeria, sharing innovations that bring dignity to the dementia journey. However, like many caregivers, Carrie's story also includes supporting our mental health. Touching upon topics like ADHD, depression, and anticipatory grief, today's episode promises to be an enlightening conversation. We'll explore the signs pointing towards anxiety in caregivers, discuss stigmas and misconceptions, and introduce resources and products designed to uplift and support, such as the calming HUG available at Eugeria. Through today's episode, our aim is clear: to ensure caregivers understand they're never alone in their struggles, and there's strength in seeking help.

So, whether you're a caregiver navigating the complexities of anxiety or someone eager to understand the caregiver's journey more deeply, stay tuned. Join us as we address the silent challenges, and find ways to prioritize mental well-being amidst the demanding yet rewarding role of caregiving.

Thank you, Carrie, for being the best cheerleader for caregivers!

Listen to our episode HERE.

Carrie shares about:

  • Introduces her decade-long expertise in senior care, her role at Eugeria, and the birth of 'Dementia Darling' to create a supportive community for dementia caregivers

  • Exploring the profound effects of mental health challenges, especially anxiety, on family caregivers of older adults

  • Identifying the symptoms and signs that indicate caregivers are grappling with anxiety and other mental health issues

  • Addressing common misconceptions surrounding caregivers and anxiety, and the importance of open dialogue for bringing awareness

  • Highlighting valuable resources, including the calming HUG from Eugeria, and techniques to aid caregivers in managing anxiety and ensuring quality care

  • Offering strategies for caregivers to prioritize their mental well-being, balance their roles, and seek support when needed

  • Where we can learn more and connect with Carrie

About Carrie Aalberts

Carrie Aalberts also known as Dementia Darling has a Master of Science focused in Gerontology and has been working in senior care for a decade. She created Dementia Darling to provide a safe place for dementia caregivers to find community, support, resources and education. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok @dementiadarling. Carrie works as a Care Advisor for Eugeria, where she shares dignified innovations for the dementia journey.

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