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Beyond the Checkbox: A Heartfelt Approach to Caregiving with Malika Moore, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C

Updated: May 26

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Beyond the Checkbox: A Heartfelt Approach to Caregiving with Malika Moore, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C Founder of Aging & Amazing

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with the endless tasks of caring for a loved one, wondering if there's more to it than just ticking off boxes? Today, talk about what it means to go beyond these checkboxes in caregiving – a journey that's not just about tasks, but about heart, understanding, and true connection.

Joining us is Malika Moore, founder of Aging & Amazing, an organization dedicated to supporting older adults, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. With a Master's of Social Work, her expertise spans across various healthcare settings, enriching her approach to elder care. Malika’s roles as a geriatric care manager, medical social worker, psychotherapist, support group facilitator, and adjunct professor have equipped her with unique insights into the multifaceted world of caregiving.

Today, we'll explore Malika’s approaches to improving the quality of life for caregivers and older adults. We'll discuss the common challenges family caregivers face, strategies to support dignity and autonomy in aging adults, and how to balance efficiency with heartfelt care. Malika will also share resources for caregiver support, insights on navigating the emotional landscape of caregiving, and advice for working with professionals. We’ll learn about Aging & Amazing’s role in bridging the gap between online and in-person care management, and hear a success story that illustrates the power of empathy and education in caregiving. Finally, we'll get a glimpse into Malika’s hopes for the future of caregiving as we contemplate going beyond the checkboxes.

Thank you, Malika, for sharing your insights and your commitment to enhancing the lives of caregivers and older adults.

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Malika shares about:

  • How they bring together key resources and networks to support older adults and their caregivers

  • The importance of building a rapport and relationship with those we care for

  • Where families can go to find reputable support when they are overwhelmed

  • How to support the many different emotions that family caregivers face

  • The common challenges that families face in their caregiving

  • International online community that brings caregivers together

  • What technology solutions can be helpful for caregivers

  • Where families can go when they begin their caregiving journey to feel supported

About Malika Moore

Malika Moore, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C, is an Aging Life Care Professional™ and also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the District of Columbia and Maryland. Ms. Moore founded Aging & Amazing, a company that strives to support older adults, caregivers, and the networks that surround them. Her niche and life mission is ensuring care and interaction with older adults is more than a checkbox.

Ms. Moore has over a decade of experience as a professional, clinician, public speaker, and business owner and has a genuine passion for older adults and caregivers. Her work in behavioral health, community education, and healthcare have prepared her for her current venture of serving the aging population, family caregivers, and professionals who specialize in aging. Malika has served in several different capacities in her professional career, including consultant, clinician, geriatric care manager, medical social worker, psychotherapist, support group facilitator, and adjunct professor. She thrives best in exploring innovative and creative ways to serve basking in continued learning.

Malika is a leader who enjoys uplifting and inspiring others. Ms. Moore was recognized and awarded the 2022 Aging Life Care Association "Rising Star" award. She also serves as a board member for All Home Care Matters. Malika holds dearly and values her family and friends and is personally invested in ensuring we all know that it is possible to live and be Aging & Amazing!

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