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A Son's Journey: Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

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A Son's Journey: Caring for a Loved One with Dementia with Bill Cohen, Certified Senior Advisor & Founder

This week my guest is Bill Cohen, a Certified Senior Advisor, and the owner of Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants. With every two out of three caregivers being female, the conversation around caregiving tends to be from the perspective of women. Bill shares with us his journey as a son, offers advice on how to manage care, finding support, and how seeking support can be different for men.

Bill is compassionate as he provides support for dementia caregivers. He's walked this road before and takes a holistic approach in sharing his perspective and support as he advises unpaid family caregivers. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your perspective, advice, and story with us today.

Bill shares about:

  • Bill's story as a son

  • What led to his concerns about his mom's symptoms

  • Good tips for supporting our loved ones with dementia

  • Overcoming the stigmas around dementia and improving awareness

  • How caregivers can find time for self-care and reduce stress

  • How we work through grief and the long goodbyes

  • Why it's important for us to find support during our caregiving journey

  • His perspective as a male caregiver and how seeking support can be different

  • Bill shares about his volunteer work including support groups, fundraising, and advocacy

About Bill Cohen

Bill Cohen is a caregiver support group leader and speaker, an Alzheimer's Association and HOPE Dementia Support Groups volunteer, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, and the owner of Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants.

His loving and talented mother, Sheila, lost her home to Hurricane Katrina. Then, she lost her health, ability to create beautiful art and, ultimately, her life due to Alzheimer's. For almost 10 years, Bill was her primary caregiver and advocate, not just her elder son.

Bill shares his story and journey with his late mom, answers specific questions and concerns, and provides advice on how to manage care and behaviors, and how to practice self-care and prevention.

Bill has completed multiple caregiving and aging courses through the Alzheimer's Association and the Society for Certified Senior Advisors™️, has a financial services and government background, and earned business degrees from Boston and Portland State Universities. He has lived in the Portland, Oregon area for over 36 years with his wife of 41 years, Lori.

Bill Cohen, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®

Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants

Bill’s Online Support Community for Caregivers:

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